Macky Franklin

Osprey Sponsored Athlete and Mountain Biker
A little #manualmonday action from Pisgah this weekend. Loving the extended fall (and fall colors) we've been getting as we transitioned from high alpine in the Rockies to the Southeast!
Checking out the fun flow trails in Knoxville's "Urban Wilderness" with @sydgschulz and @emilyclaredawg. #barnburner and #devilsracetrack are pretty darn cool!
#tbt to hot springs and watermelon in Sun Valley, Idaho a few months ago. Check out @sydgschulz and my full photo story about our dirtbag summer on @kavu's website (link in my profile).
Aha, found the #manualmonday video. Thanks @mathenyendurance for sending it over! Good old Gold Camp road, such a good grade for #manual practice!
#manualmonday coming to you from Colorado Springs. Great to get one last ride in the desert before heading East! Video coming soon.
Three great days of shooting with @anthonyjmilio and @sydgschulz for the @jamisbicycles #dragonslayer and #dragonfly. Thanks to @maliamountainart for all your help and to @altiora_media for the amazing #drone footage. Here's our group #dronie (drone selfie) on the edge of the gorge.
Happy #wheeliewednesday! It was a bit harder with the #dragonslayer fully loaded for bike packing, but I figured it out eventually! And 5 minutes later I watched a vehicle drive into the river behind me and sink. Not joking.
Made a little friend while video shooting with @jamisbicycles yesterday. Named him Dave. Check out my Instagram story for behind the scenes shots from the shoot.
Good times today on #southboundary trail with 11 awesome people, great colors and primo trail conditions! And then we finished it off with a rainbow over the van while we all share some @santafebrew beers. #kavuday #busylivin
So much fun yesterday riding the trails at @glorietamtbtrails with @sydgschulz and @alexanderjosiah! Got shuttle laps on their new trail, #chillidog and #jaggedaxe. Thanks Alex for the shot!
Visited @santafebrew and picked up a little bit of beer. Check out my story ⬆ to see how their new canning line works!! 🍻🍻
One more #raw #tbt to riding in Chile this past Spring. I still can't get over the waves of dust. It really was #brownpow! Big thanks to @jamisbicycles for making that shoot happen and @anthonyjmilio for making me look good!
Looking through photos from earlier this year and found this banger from @sydgschulz from Moab this spring! I. Love. That. Place.
#manualmonday on the new @jamisbicycles #dragonslayer. Manualing on a steel plus hardtail is surprisingly easy compared to the full-squish bike...
Earlier today I was going through photos from this year and found this one of #greatwhitetheadventurevan on the #4thofjuly. Amazing what you can do with sparklers! #vanlife
#fbf #raw from #nevadosdechillan earlier this year. Miss those trails and can't wait to get back there!!! πŸš²πŸ’¨πŸ’₯ Thanks @anthonyjmilio for the amazing footage!
Fun times on the moto today playing around at Alcalde with @sydgschulz. Trails are in great condition and the dirt is so nice! #braap! πŸ’₯πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨
Another #tbt from riding in #nevadosdechillan #chile including the best #crash I've ever had caught on video! Thanks @anthonyjmilio for the gorgeous footage! #otb #dust
In honor of #fbf, I put together this #raw edit from riding in #nevadosdechillan #chile. Amazing footage from @anthonyjmilio #jamis #vittoriatires
Good times on "Chutes & Ladders" at @angelfirebikepark this weekend. Plenty of chutes, and lots of ladders! Oh, and when you ride it, when you see 5 "slow" signs in a row, slow down or you'll huck to flat off the bridge like I did at the end of the video. #hucktoflat #sorrysuspension #chutesandladders