Steph Davis

Osprey Sponsored Athlete, climber,
base jumper and wingsuit flyer
having a good doggy day ☺️ @zukespets @ospreypacks @evolvusa
Indian Creek 💙 @backcountry @cw_hemp
touchdown! @ianmitchard ❤️ @delormegps @cw_hemp
the wild desert jackal ranges across the savannah looking for its prey 🎾 #cajun @zukespets
Hiding from the sun at Way Rambo with Vince today 🌚 @ospreypacks @evolvusa @msr_gear
In case you're wondering if folks who work at @ospreypacks are legit climbers, well, this is what they bring up to the wall for lunch at Indian Creek 👊🏻👍🏻💪🏻👏🏻#4poundjarofpeanutbutter
no excuses for Ian on Excuse Station 😊@evolvusa @delormegps @cw_hemp
Happy Birthday @muttstagram! You've been my best friend through the best of times and the worst of times and all the other times for 20 years & I can't imagine life without you 💝🎁🎂 here's to sending that proj asap and 20 more years of crimping like a banshee ❤️💜👊🏻👯
winner takes all 🚀 📷Chris Hunter @evolvusa @mammutna @backcountrycom
this one can't resist bagging a few summits along the way 😂 thank goodness that hot south wind finally shifted west, I thought it would never end! 💨 @zukespets @delormegps
My head is still spinning from the incredible women I met today at the Womens Leadership LIVE conference in Salt Lake. It was an absolute honor to give the keynote speech and to be a part of this experience.
Got to see all the office renovations at @backcountrycom in Park City this afternoon....that is some seriously awesome wall art! 👍🏻👏🏻
starry night around the fire at the Indian Creek Crack Clinic 🔥 @muttstagram @enormocast @maryd_harlan: Indian creek super guides by day, jam band by night, along with backcountry chefs @aadimages and @ianmitchard. rockstars! Dates are now set for spring at @evolvusa @mammutna @backcountrycom @msr_gear @cw_hemp @ospreypacks
Gaby focusing on her new crack skills in Gorilla Crack, day 2 Indian Creek Crack Clinic 👍🏻 @evolvusa @mammutna @ospreypacks @backcountrycom @cw_hemp @msr_gear
Drew refining his lead techniques on Keyhole Flake with coaching from @enormocast 👊🏻 Indian Creek Crack Clinic @evolvusa @mammutna @msr_gear @backcountrycom @cw_hemp @ospreypacks
sunset and green curry with tofu for dinner tonight, Indian Creek Crack Clinic begins 👏🏻 @evolvusa @mammutna @backcountrycom @msr_gear @cw_hemp @ospreypacks
providing enough exercise for this little critter is close to a full time job 🏃🏻‍♀️ but I'll take it 🚀❤️ when the temperatures are like this, it's kind of impossible not to run! @zukespets @cw_hemp @mammutna @ospreypacks
Packing up the @ospreypacks mutants for my October Indian Creek peeps! @evolvusa @mammutna @cw_hemp @msr_gear @backcountrycom, you spoil us and I ❤️ it 👊🏻
land @delormegps @cw_hemp
when my friends at @ospreypacks showed me the variant pack I was all "you guys, that pack looks way too...comfortable. Climbers can't be comfortable!" Luckily they made me try it anyway. And it's awesome. So I can carry all my Indian creek everything...and it turns out being comfortable is pretty ok ☺️💜 Who knew?? 📷 @ianmitchard