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The view from the summit of 20,157’ Thorung peak.  Annapurna IV is in the background to the left.  Clark will be attempting a first descent of that peak in Spring 08’ Tim Clarke seconding a fine pitch of steep snow and ice on the ascent of 20,157’ Thorung Peak in the Annapurne Himal. Clarke and Ben Clark completed the climb with a first descent from the summit. Josh Butson swings a lead into the last 100’ of his and Ben Clark’s attempt on the savage sister.  Shortly after this photo was taken the pair downclimbed the 2’500 snow and ice line due to dangerous movement in the snowpack. The mightiest choss heap in the ChangPing Goa Valley of China. Camp three en route to the Savage Sister.  Clark and Josh butson made the first ascent of the peak on the right in October of 2007.  The pair named the peak "The Falcon". chateau bow wow First level spot

Ben Clark


Favorite Packs: Atmos 65


I love the mountains, no doubt inspired by experiences in them and a seeker trying every way possible to travel through them.  In 17 years of climbing, skiing, and now running-I hope I'm where I am supposed to be, I mean, they have pushed me and I have questioned my potential becuase of them.  I think that is something I expect from the mountains, there is a line I like to cross when I engage them.

I have shared some accomplishments with luck, and a couple of great colleagues, like most people aged 35 years. Yes, there are experiences that stand out but the impact of that 17 years and the meaning of what came forward, far exceeded the tangible values of grades on hard things I did with some real strong people that became like family to me.  Nonetheless, my buckelist included Everest's summit forever ago and putting up a few mixed climbs in the Himalayas while on a quest skiing them. But different from some I backed away-I've saved friends lives and my own has been spared, often off nothing but a photo I pursued fresh tracks on virgin terrain-obsessively and then mostly not when I became a dad. Simply put after all that, I am a mountain athlete and pioneering within them motivates me.  But at the end of every exploration I only still wonder one thing: people do hard things, nearly impossible-why? And can I?  

Well, I don't know, but the journey sure is pretty and that insight is why I celebrate life by getting outside every day for some sort of walk, run, climb or ski. That's what makes me love Osprey, it's as much a part of my daily life as my daily life is a part of this journey lacing adventures through peaks, valleys, storms and calm! 

Live The Dream, 

Ben Clark