Osprey Athletes: Evan Stevens

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Evan Stevens

Climber, Skier, Mountain Guide

With the advent of social media, Evan became a guy that people love to hate.  It seems like almost every day there is another facebook/instagram update showing him climbing a  new route in Squamish, mountain biking in the Chilcotins or more than likely getting a facefull of kootenay cold smoke out backcountry skiing.  But it isn’t just face shots and fingerlocks, and as he proclaims, this isn’t the life for everyone.  As a mountain guide and owner of a backcountry ski lodge in British Columbia, Valhalla Mountain Touring, there are a lot of hard parts of the days that lead up to the good ones.  Sometimes its crawling underneath the lodge to fix a broken septic pipe;  being neck deep in the engine of the snowcat changing a fuel filter, or hopefully breaking trail on the skin track for 40 days in a row. No matter what though, if that day doesn’t include a sweet lap of powder or a few rock routes, than he knows it was a very rare bad day.


With humble beginnings in the suburbs of New York City, Evan began his slow migration to the greater ranges in the world.  Starting with the rocks and ski slopes of New York, then progressing to the ice and back country of Vermont for college, the first big move came by accepting a job with the Utah Avalanche Center in Salt Lake City and Moab.  During those 5 years half based in Utah, he was lucky enough to follow around some of the greats in the avalanche game, and when not on snow, climbed endless towers and splitter cracks in the desert south west.  In the middle of this time he stumbled upon a cute mountain girl from British Columbia and his bigamous love affair with her and her home province began.  Luckily (or strategically), not only did his future wife climb as hard, but her parents owned a backcountry ski lodge.


During this time,  Evan also fulfilled his quest to become an internationally certified mountain guide.  Membership in the IFMGA represents a life dedicated to mountain pursuits in a safe and efficient way so as to share that love of the mountains with so many people.  Evan continues his dedication to the Mountain Guide profession by examining and training new guides in the US, and contributing to the guidance and direction of the American Mountain Guides Association by spending  5 years as a Board of Director for the organization.


Now,  Evan and his wife Jasmin have taken over the family business, and continued on global adventures.  Climbing big walls all over the world, and skiing as many places as they can, the routine of cold smoke in the winter, and warm rock in the summer continues, and hopefully will not stop!