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Macky is a professional mountain biker who specializes in Enduro races and is in a unique position to share his love of mountain biking and support riders new to the sport.

Macky Franklin

Macky first rode a bike sans training wheels when he was three. But because the tallest hill in New Orleans is man-made Monkey Hill (approximate elevation: 40ft), his early years were not filled with mountain biking. Instead of dodging trees, he dodged tourists on the sidewalks of the French Quarter. Instead of descending mountains, he descended the levies of the Mississippi. Instead of bouncing over rocks, he bounced down the set of 16 stairs in Jackson Square. (And he learned to look both ways before crossing the street.)

At age 13, his family moved to Taos, NM, where he enrolled in an after-school mountain bike program. Here Macky received his first cycling award, the annual Field Institute of Taos Turtle Award. This award is given to the rider who, learning to ride with clipless pedals, spends the most time stuck on his or her back, still attached to the bike. Although Macky “turtled” many times, he remembers with clarity the event that clenched the title. On a trail called Horse Thief (also known as Close Your Eyes and Hope for the Best) he “turtled” into a cactus.

Two years later, he raced his first race as a Junior Beginner in Angel Fire, NM. After finishing in second place he decided he was ready to race Junior Expert. He was not. 20 miles into the 30 mile race, he ran out of water. It was at this point that he learned that mountain bikers are nice people. Another racer offered up a water bottle and Macky finished the race (in 3rd place because all but three racers quit). Through moments like these, Macky realized what mountain biking is really about. And even now, as a pro athlete who likes to win, he tries to gasp a word of encouragement to every rider he passes and offer help to anyone who needs it.

After holding a professional cross country license since 2006, Macky has decided to focus on Enduro in 2014. His schedule includes multiple stops on the Enduro World Series, the Big Mountain Enduro Series and the Downieville All-Mountain World Championships.

As a Pro rider, Macky is in a unique position to share his love of mountain biking and support riders new to the sport. He always tries to hang out at the race venue before and after the race to cheer on the other categories and meet people. If you ever see him at a race, please stop and say “hi.” He’s always up to talk beer, bikes and Enduro.

Learn more about Macky Franklin at http://www.mackyfranklin.com/.

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