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Sven is a professional skier who has traveled the globe for the last 20 years working with the world's best ski photographers.

Sven Brunso

Sven Brunso is the typical ski story. Kids grows up in Huntington Beach, California as a beach bum, goes to college at The University of Arizona and goes on to a career as a prolific Freeskier. OK, so his story is atypical but true.

Sven attended Fort Lewis in Durango, Colorado his freshman year and became obsessed with skiing. His educational needs took him to Tucson to attend the U of A but Sven still managed to ski 60 days a season those 3 years. With school finished, Sven moved back to Durango to fulfill his passion. In the first full year back in Colorado, Sven logged an amazing 277 ski days. Taking off only 2 days between October 1-July 1. Sven quickly grew bored with lift-served terrain and headed for the backcountry to lay tracks on a blank canvas. After watching Greg Stump's "The Blizzard of Ahh." Sven decided a career, as a pro skier seemed like a logical endeavor. His father gave him the advice to give it a go while he had the chance or he would always regret the missed opportunity.

More than 3,000 ski days later, Sven is one of the most published skiers in the business. With more than 1,000 published images, including 50 covers worldwide, Sven has graced about every glossy piece of "Snow Porn" available on the global newsstand. Sven has found a niche sharing his time between photo shoots, product testing, and design. "My ability to live this dream is a combination of hard work, a good education, some luck, and the support of my sponsors." says Sven. I have companies like Oakley, Fischer, Leki, Giro, and Osprey helping make my dreams come true.

Sven works with the best shooters in the business including Mattias Fredriksson, Henry Georgi, Scott DW Smith, Lee Cohen, Martin Soderqvist. Sven's fortunes have changed during his 15 years in the game.

"In the beginning I had to beg to get into a photo shoot. If I wanted to go anywhere I had to get there on my own dime and ask photographers to take me on the shoot."  Brunso now has the luxury of sorting through offers to go around the globe to various exotic locales. From the Alps to the Andes, and the Rockies to the Sierra, Sven has been able to ski just about everywhere you have ever heard of plus many places you haven't. Brunso enjoys the freedom to pick and choose from many different projects.

"Sometimes hiking for up to 10 hours a day for photo/film projects starts to feel like a lot of work, but the end result is always worth the effort." says Sven, "I never get much sympathy so I don't complain much, besides my office always has a great view." When asked about his favorite places to ski Brunso replies, "I love the Alps. This ski culture is amazing, the peaks incredible and the cuisine is simply the best. I also love skiing in the Andes. There is something magical about skiing powder in August when things are sweltering back home".

Sven began working with Osprey in 1992. Sven states, "The best thing about Osprey is the passion the employees have for what they do. It's so real. You see a sketch on a napkin and then a prototype and ultimately a finished product." "I see product developer Stephen Barnes with a prototype and he is like a little kid with a new toy. His level of enthusiasm is a rare sight in today's business world. His passion for development is what makes my job easier." Osprey has always been about function first. They take a pack and refine it until its perfect.

Sven spends time mentoring up-and-comers like Mattias Giraud and Tyson Bolduc. "I am trying to give these younger guys some ideas on how to make a career out of this gig. Being a solid skier only gets you so far. It has to be viewed as a business for long term success. Ripping skiers come and go, but only a few can get the extended dance-mix version of the dream".

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