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Kid's Pack Fitting 101


Teach Your Children Well

Step 1 - Torso measurement: 
Measure the back along the spine from the level of the iliac crest (top of hipbones) to the C7.  To identify the C7, have your child look down - it's the prominent vertebrae that you'll see at the base of the neck.

Step 2 - Hipbelt Sizing: Measure around the hips, not the waist. If your child is at the top end of the size range for torso or hips,  pick the next model up.  Measurement trumps age.  This ensures years of performance and great value from your Sprint Series pack!

Step 3 - Load Weight:

To ensure a comfortable and healthy carry, be sure that the loaded weight of your child's Sprint Series pack is no more than 15-20% of their body weight.

  You'll find this useful information screened inside each Sprint Series pack:
Leave No Trace Principles
1. Plan ahead and prepare
2. Travel and camp on durable surfaces
3. Dispose of waste properly
4. Leave what you find
5. Minimize campfire
6. Respect wildlife
7. Be considerate of other visitors
(For more info point your browser at www.lnt.org)
Osprey's Backcountry Ten Essentials for Young People
1. Map
2. Compass/GPS
3. Sunglasses and sunscreen
4. Extra food and water
5. Extra warm clothes /Rain gear
6. Whistle
7. Headlamp
8. First aid kit
9. Your parents and / or a good friend
10. A great book!

The Sprint Series bring Osprey's legacy of deluxe, custom fit to youth backpacks.  Combining ergonomically correct fit, technical features and great looks with Osprey design, quality and durability, these packs will provide years of comfortable trail performance for young hikers.