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We’re a company of unique personalities, shapes and sizes. The thread that ties us together is our love for the outdoors and passion for making the best custom fit pack on the planet.


HISTORY – Since 1974

Custom fit backpacks are Osprey’s legacy. Our expertise in designing backpacks that fit every shape, size and gender dates back to 1974 when Mike Pfotenhauer first began designing custom packs for mountaineers headed to the Sierra.

FIT TOOL – Custom Fit For The Custom You

Almost 90% of Osprey packs are available in multiple sizes to fit a range of torso lengths. Additionally, many styles have interchangeable or adjustable harnesses and hipbelts to further customize fit. To determine torso measurement use one of our Osprey Pack Sizers at your local Osprey dealer.  This measurement starts at the iliac crest which is the top of your hipbones on the side of your body that act like a shelf. From this point, measure to the C7 vertebrae, the knobby bone at the base of your neck when you put your head down. Reference the torso length to match the correct pack size. Reference the “sizing and fitting” page for additional information and an instructional video.

WOMEN’S PACKS – Fit – Function – Style

Harness – The shoulder harness is designed with thoughtful angle changes and varying padding thickness to create an anatomical fit for a woman’s neck, shoulder and chest. This is balances with optimizing where the tension from the packs’ load is carried. For women, our sternum strap is a key piece in equalizing the pressure across the shoulder harness. The padding used is also specific in order to be more comfortable when carrying a heavy load.

Hipbelt – The hipbelt is designed with thoughtful angle changes and varying padding thickness to create an anatomical fit. The hipbelt is also narrower in height for better comfort so it doesn’t dig into the ribs or upper thigh when scrambling or climbing. Most importantly, women’s hips are more conically shaped with a larger difference between the waist and hip measurements. We sculpt and angle our hipbelts accordingly for comfortable lead transfer and optimal support. Again the padding used is also specific in order to be more comfortable when carrying a heavy load.

Design – The pack’s shape is patterned to be more narrow and with added depth in the right places. This allows greater freedom of movement and increases stabilization by lowering the position of the load to a more optimal center of gravity. As a result, the load is more proportionately supported on the hips and along the structure of the back.

CUSTOM MOLDING -  The Innovation of Fit

Using an Osprey oven at your local CM certified dealer allows you to mold your belt to your unique anatomy for superior comfort, load control and support.  Only CM Certified dealers* are authorized to custom heat mold your Bioform and Isoform hipbelts. The new Bioform4 CM™ and Isoform4 CM™ hipbelts on our Xenith/ Xena and Aether/ Ariel series continue our history of innovative custom moldable hipbelts.

*Our specialty retailers invest a great deal in Osprey CM ovens and CM certified fitters to heat mold your new hipbelt. If you purchase your pack online, please feel free to visit your local CM Certified Dealer to get the hipbelt molded, but be prepared to pay a reasonable charge for the service.

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