Hydraulics™ Reservoir FAQ

Osprey Generation 1 and 2 Reservoir

Osprey Hydraform™ Reservoir / 1st Generation                         Osprey Hydraulics™ Reservoir / 2nd Generation

Q: How do I clean my reservoir?
A: Our reservoir’s anti-microbial formula prevents most mold and bacteria growth. If you use just water or non-sugar based drink mixes and rinse it out after each use it should keep your reservoir fresh. But periodically you should use our Hydraulics™ Cleaning Tablets and Hydraulics™ Reservoir Cleaning Kit with includes brushes for the hose and reservoir and a drying rack. You can also watch the instructional video on how to clean our reservoirs at the bottom of this page.

Q: Is it okay to put iodine tablets in my reservoir?
A: Yes. For more thorough dissolution of the tablets, and for best mixing of the water you are trying to disinfect, it is recommended that you mix first in a bottle, and then pour into your reservoir. Regardless of your approach, iodine is OK to use in your reservoir. Over time you will notice staining of the film, this is normal.

Q: What precisely is the "anti-microbial formula to prevent bacteria and mold"?
A: The reservoir film is treated with an FDA-approved anti-microbial which uses a silver and zinc composition to inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold, while offering carefree maintenance and odor control.

Be aware the following information as it relates to our formula:

You may have heard recently that the Food and Drug Administration said new research raises "valid concerns" about the possible health effects of Triclosan, a chemical commonly used for its antibacterial properties in a wide range of consumer products.

The anti-microbial formula used in our reservoirs and hose assemblies, does not contain Triclosan, and never has.

Q: What precisely is the material that is in contact with the water?
A: FDA-approved EVA film with 1% antimicrobial impregnated into the film

Q: Does the reservoir contain any BPA or PVC?
A: No, our reservoirs are BPA and PVC free

Q: Can I pour or fill my reservoir with warm-hot or boiling water or liquids?
A: Pouring and storing warm-hot or boiling water or liquids into your reservoir WILL VOID your warranty.  Reservoirs are NOT designed to contain or handle liquids at temperature.

Q: Can I freeze the reservoir?
A: Yes, many people choose to put their reservoir in a freezer to prevent mold growth or have an ice cold drink from their reservoir on a hot day, be aware that water expands when it freezes so don’t over fill it before freezing.

Q: Can I put sugary drink mixes, my secret Margarita recipe or my favorite micro-brew in my reservoir?
A: Yes, but you need to make sure to rinse out and clean the reservoir as soon you are capable of doing so to make sure a mold party doesn’t start growing in your party mix. Follow the instructions on how to clean your reservoir above and as shown in the instructional video below.

Q: How do I take the reservoir delivery tube off?
A: For our first generation Hydraform™ Reservoir, characterized by its silver film, hold the handle with one hand and the bottom of the reservoir with the other. Firmly push/slide the handle down while holding onto the reservoir with the other hand. The handle should slide off the bottom port with some pressure. Once the handle is off you can pull the hose off the hose port. To put back on, simply push hose back on port. Then while holding the bottom of the reservoir in one hand and the handle in the other pull the handle back up sliding it onto the hose port. The reservoir cleaning video below also shows how to accomplish this.

For the new second generation Hydraulics™ Reservoir, characterized by its blue film, you simply pull the reservoir delivery tube off by pulling on the hose just above the port and at the base of the handle. You do not need to and cannot remove the handle. To reinsert simply line up the hose with the port and push it back on.

Q: Does the magnet on the bite valve have an effect on any gear or medical devices?
A: The magnet on the bite valve can affect pacemakers and avalanche beacons. We suggest you switch to our Non-magnetic bite valve if you have a pacemaker or are using an avalanche beacon. The Insulated Delivery System comes with a Non-magnetic bite valve for this reason. It is also best to not store your compass in the direct vicinity of the magnet for an extended period of time. The magnet won’t erase camera memory cards, phones, etc.

Q: Is my reservoir covered under AMG?
A: Our Hydraulics™ & Hydraform™ Reservoirs are covered by a limited 1-year warranty, reflecting the reasonable lifespan of a reservoir. For more information please visit the Osprey Packs Reservoir Warranty Claim page.

Q: Did the tube size change from the first generation Hydraform™ Reservoir to the new second generation Hydraulics™ Reservoir?
A: Yes, the first generation Hydraform™ Reservoir, characterized by its silver film, had a 3/8”/9.5mm tube. The second generation Hydraulics™ Reservoir, characterized by its blue film, uses a 1/4"/6.4mm tube. Here are some questions and answers surrounding replacement parts for the reservoirs

-Why did you change the tube size to 1/4”/6.4mm?
1/4”/6.4mm is more of an industry standard for water filters and aftermarket reservoir tube accessories and we hope to maximize the usability of our reservoirs for all your needs.

-Will the new bite valve fit on my old Hydraform™ Reservoir?
No, make sure to buy the 3/8”/9.5mm bite valve. Likewise the old bite valve won’t work with the new Hydraulics™ reservoir.

-Will the new hose fit on my old Hydraform™ Reservoir?
Not easily, best to buy the 3/8”/9.5mm hose. Likewise the old hose won’t work with the new Hydraulics™ reservoir.

-Will the new lid fit on my old Hydraform™ Reservoir?
No, there is a different thread count on new Hydraulics™ reservoir so they are not interchangeable.

-Will my cleaning kit work with the new Hydraulics™ Reservoir?
Yes, there was no change to the cleaning kit. It will work with both generation reservoirs.

-Will my old Insulated Delivery System work with the new Hydraulics™ Reservoir?
No, the tube size changed. Make sure to purchase the Insulated Delivery System with the correct size hose for your reservoir. The easiest way to tell is to unzip the bite valve to check the color of the bite valve. If it is the light grey bite valve than it is the old 3/8"/9.5mm tube and for the first generation Hydraform™ Reservoir. If it is the dark grey bite valve than it is the new 1/4"/6.4mm hose for the second generation Hydraulics™ Reservoir.

Q: Do you sell replacement parts for the new Hydraulics™ Reservoir?
A: Yes, your favorite retailer may have in stock or they can order you a new Non-Magnetic Bite Valve, Magnetic Bite Valve, 3-pack of Bite Valve Sheaths, 3-pack of Detachable Sternum Strap Magnets or Hydraulics™ Reservoir Hose. Visit our Hydraulics™ Reservoir page for more info on these products

Q: How many liters of liquid does the new Hydraulics™ Reservoirs hold?
A: The new Hydraulics™ Reservoirs come in 2L & 3L sizes but actually hold 2.5L and 3.5L respectively. We have printed a volume scale on the reservoirs so you know how much water you have put in or have left. So if you have a short mountain bike ride or hike just put in what you need, you don’t have to fill it all the way. The extra volume also allows the reservoirs to have an extra flat profile when filled to your needed water volume keeping the water weight close to your body and not taking up as much space in your pack’s main compartment.