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Mountain2Mountain is working to create voice and opportunity for women and children in conflict zones.  By connecting communities and cultures we believe that change only happens with a change of perception and the power of voice.  Giving women and children a voice creates a much more powerful ripple than a handout, and empowering them to use their voice can change their lives, their communities, and their countries from within.  Organically and sustainability creating change with the individual which acts as a catalytic spark through the entire global community at large.   Current projects include a K-12 school for the deaf in Kabul and women's internet cafes in Afghanistan.  


Founder, Shannon Galpin, became the first woman to mountain bike in Afghanistan in 2009 and with the support of Osprey, became the first person to cross the Panjshir Valley on her singlespeed in 2010, sparking the annual Panjshir Tour, held each October, as way of connecting communities and cultures using the bike as a vehicle for social justice and action.  

For more information please visit: http://www.mountain2mountain.org/



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