Originating in 2011, Jam in the Van is a motorhome/HD mobile recording studio that travels across the country inviting bands and musicians to capture a 2-3 song live performance which we share exclusively on our website and YouTube channel, boasting more than 15k subscribers. Operating entirely via state-of-the-art solar panels, our intimate sessions and mobility make Jam in the Van one of the fastest growing music discovery series on the internet.

11/3/2014: November, November, the first #MusicMonday of November! This Monday's special performance provided by Jam In The Van and Osprey Packs, will rock your Monday as this Atlanta-based singer, songwriter, guitarist, and pianist, Anna Kramer specializes in rootsy, jangly rock with a distinct country twang. Enjoy!

Anne Kramer - "You Think You Know Me"

Anne Kramer - "I Don't Mind"

10/20/2014: This third #MusicMondays of October is a treat to say the least! If your lifespan stretches all the way back to the 90s, then you may recall this classic group who's been on the "Run Around" for more than 25 years! Blues Traveler covers a variety of genres, including blues rock, psychedelic rock, folk rock, soul, and Southern rock. Whether you have seen them perform in the past or haven't yet had the chance, you are definitely going to appreciate this unique recording provided by Jam In The Van and Osprey Packs! We'er big believers in the ideea that some things get better with age, Blues Traveler is definitely is that exception.





10/13/2014:You are going to love this #MusicMondays! This time around we have a special recording provided by the one and only, Jam In The Van, who have seized our attention- both eyes and ears with this performance by Shakey Graves. As Jam In The Van would say, "When this dude, Alejandro, AKA Shakey Graves sings, I don’t care where you are or what you’re doing, you’re going to stop doing it and you’re going to listen. Because he’s got “it.” He’s got a lot of “it,” and this is probably just the beginning…" Thanks for coming to #MusicMondays and enjoy "it"!

SHAKEY GRAVES - "Dearly Departed" (Live at Telluride Blues & Brews 2014) #JAMINTHEVAN

10/6/2014: We are bringing back the  #MusicMondays and to start off October, Jam In The Van has provided some wicked jams all the way from the UK. This #MusicMondays promises some electric guitar and catchy lyrics as Eel Pie lightens your Monday with this fresh tune, "Cherokee Rose".

EEL PIE - "Cherokee Rose" (Live in Atlanta, GA 2014) #JAMINTHEVAN

9/1/2014:Jam In The Van has wooned us with an Osprey favorite as we celebrate this #MusicMondays with The Wood Brothers! From early in their childhood in Boulder, CO., Chris and Oliver were steeped in American roots music. After pursuing separate musical careers for some 15 years, the brothers performed together at a show in North Carolina: Oliver sat in with MM&W following King Johnson’s opening set. “I realized we should be playing music together,” Chris recalls. Soon after, the pair recorded a batch of Oliver’s songs, channeling the shared musical heroes of their youth while seizing on their own individual strengths — Oliver’s classic songwriting, Chris’s forward-thinking musicianship.Enjoy these live recordings this Monday!

THE WOOD BROTHERS - "Fox On the Run" (Live at Lagunitas Brewery 2014) #JAMINTHEVAN

THE WOOD BROTHERS - "Up Above My Head" (Live at Lagunitas Brewery 2014) #JAMINTHEVAN

THE WOOD BROTHERS - "Who the Devil" (Live at Lagunitas Brewery 2014) #JAMINTHEVAN

9/15/2014: Don't let this Monday suck the soul out of you! This #MusicMondays with Jam In The Van is bringing you some soul lovin' from the one and only Davell Crawford, a New Orlean musician who is a master at his craft, the piano. So if you got the Monday funk, let Davell help you out! Enjoy!  



9/1/2014: Kick off September right with our newest #MusicMondays with Jam In The Van. They've done it again with a performance that you won't want to miss from a band of sisters who have accomplished more than many in a lifetime! Von Grey – comprising dual lead singer-songwriters Annika (violin, banjo, guitar, keys) and Fiona (guitar, violin, percussion), Petra (keys, lap steel guitar, electronic percussion, background vocals), and Kathryn (cello, bass pedals, mandolin, keys, background vocals).




8/18/2014: Welcome to yet another #MusicMondays with Jam In The Van! "Bring your maraccas and a tambourine, a guitar, and yourselves, we can make some magic with that. We’ll do it in a parking lot, under a bright Texas sun. You’ll have a beer, we’ll have a smile. Some girls and boys will stand outside and dance about that lot, because for that brief little blip of time it won’t be a parking lot, it’ll be majestic. They brought all they needed, and the band name fits, rock on…"



8/4//2014: Are you feeling delirious from this Monday Morning? Well, we've got a fix for that! Check out this single by Gold and The Rush, called Delerious for our series #MusicMondays with Jam In The Van. This band from New Orleans will getting you going so you can conqueor that case of the Mondays!

7/21/2014: A respected session and sideman, British blues pianist and composer Jon Cleary has worked with rock, blues, and soul artists like Bonnie Raitt, D'Angelo, Maria Muldaur, Taj Mahal, and Eric Clapton. Originally a guitarist, Cleary began playing at age five, and started his first band at 15. Raised on blues, jazz, and soul records, his love of New Orleans blues and jazz in particular took him across the ocean after he graduated from art school.



7/7/2014: Radkey is a punk band from St. Joseph, Missouri that is made up of three brothers. This #MusicMondays with Jam In The Van is great for those gloomy Mondays in which case you want to listen to loud music to get your stoke levels up! Enjoy Radkey, we sure did!




6/16/2014: The Lovely Bad Things are an American indie rock band from California. Formed in 2009, the group consists of brothers Camron and Brayden Ward, Tim Hatch and Lauren Curtius. All members are multi-instrumentalists and play guitar, bass and drums. They are known for switching between instruments often during live performances. Enjoy this #MusicMondays with Jam In The Van!

The Lovely Bad Things- I Just Want You To Go Away

The Lovely Bad Things- Darth Lauren

6/9/2014: Jackson Phillips and Kevin Friedman, two Berklee College of Music graduates, create a unique sound that combines the drive of electro with the melodic sensibilities of pop. This Jam In The Van performance was recorded in New Orleans, LA during Jazzfest! We’re thrilled bring you yet another installment of #MusicMondays with Jam In The Van, where music takes a whole new road. The Jam In The Van crew is committed to traveling anywhere accessible by road to find and record intimate musical experiences for their fans.

We hope you enjoy this week’s musical offering from Carousel!

CAROUSEL – “Another Day” (Live in New Orleans)

CAROUSEL – “Not Enough” (Live in New Orleans)

CAROUSEL – “Into the Night” (Live in New Orleans)

6/2/2014:  Our latest Music Monday installment proves to be an interesting one, with a performance recorded in New Orleans and featuring music from Tuareg, Africa. #MusicMondays feature a variety of musical genres, and this week #JamInTheVan introduces us to Bombino, an incredibly talented thirty year-old artist who shares stories of the hardships and from his nomadic life in the Sahara. Bombino’s life and travels have exposed him to the struggles facing his people, and through music he has committed to helping the Tuareg community achieve equal rights and peace, while promoting education and maintaining their rich cultural heritage.  

Bombino Part 1:

Bombino Part 2:

Bombino Part 3:

5/19/2014: This #MusicMonday was a bit of a great surprise as we at Osprey Packs, are Willie Nelson fans at heart. So it was great to hear that his niece, Lily Meola, would be featured today!

" She’s a sweet heart of a girl with a sweet voice to match, and so we add another name to our long and ever growing list of personal favorites. It’ll keep on getting longer, assuming our engine keeps getting stronger…"

Lily Meola- "Sinkin' Soon" (Live at SXSW 2014) #JamInTheVan


Lily Meola- "Syrup and Honey" (Live at SXSW 2014) #JamInTheVan

5/12/2014: This #MusicMonday was rougher than most, so sit down, pretend its 5 o'clock somewhere and enjoy some tunes from Jam In the Van and Eric Hutchinson.

ERIC HUTCHINSON - "Rock & Roll" (Live at SXSW 2014) #JAMINTHEVAN

ERIC HUTCHINSON - "A Little More" (Live at SXSW 2014) #JAMINTHEVAN

ERIC HUTCHINSON - "Tell the World" (Live at SXSW 2014) #JAMINTHEVAN

5/5/2014: "Its not too often that a solo act blows us out of the water… But as soon as Willie Watson let loose his banjo pickin fingers and opened his mouth for a tune we knew he had something special. Heres to cowboy hats, banjos, harmonicas and siting on the porch of ye old country farm…Willie… keep the music playing!" Our friends at Jam In the Van

4/28/2014: Jam In The Van is in New Orleans where the funk flourishes and the beats are fresh, check out this weeks #MusicMondays:

4/21/2013: #MusicMonday we’re proud to present little hurricane and Miner: