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This summer we have teamed up with Vasque Footwear to bring you the authentic experience of 11 individuals who will be documenting their experience as they make the 2,200 mile trek on the Appalachian Trail. Each person will provide a unique tesitimonials and photos that convey their personal endeavors and  achievements as they live and learn on one of the most traveled thru-hike in the US.

Join us as we cover their journey and capture the moments that we live for as outdoor enthusiats.

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Thru-Hiker Syndicate Ambassador Bio: Follow their journey:
Allison Kieley Allison Kieley: #AT2014thruhiker, Social Media Junkie, Photography Enthusiast, Health Freak Wannabe, and BeyoncĂ© Superfan. Allison was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota and will set out for a NOrthBOund (NOBO) Appalachian Thru Hike attempt in March 2014.  
Steven Snyder I grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA, spending most my time in the woods behind my house exploring and experimenting how to live in the woods with my brother. After graduating high school I moved around a lot, taking random jobs waiting tables and managing retail stores. I felt at that time my life needed new direction and meaning so I found that meaning by enlisting in the U.S. Air Force. I got a chance to travel Europe with my first assignment being in West Germany. It was there my passion for the outdoors and hiking was rekindled. I got the opportunity to hike and mountain bike the Eifelsteig and Westweg as well as numerous trails throughout Sardinia, Romania, Luxembourg and the Swiss and Italian Alps. After moving to Idaho my life has been completely transformed by being in such close proximity to some of the most remote wilderness areas in the US. I now regularly hike trails all over Idaho and will make trips to the Sawtooth, Nez Pierce and Hells Canyon Wilderness areas to explore new areas.  
Ryan Davies

Home town - Alton,IL. - home of the tallest man ever to walk the earth!

Family man, father of 1

Sports -  long distance hiking/backpacking, kayaking, trout fishing and rock climbing.

Hobbies - I grow 100% organic food for my family.

Music - EDM mostly, some rock, some harder stuff.

Favorite food - Medium well steak and fresh grilled veggies.

Misc - I someday will travel to Patagonia
Whitney Silberblatt I have been a lover of the great outdoors since I was a little girl.  I would bring my Barbie dolls down into the woods behind my house and build forts and have picnics on the big mossy patches by the river.  I have always had an appetite for adventure, that is something that has not lessened with age.  I love the mountains in particular because of the sense of grandeur they impose as well as the quiet beauty of the woods.  I am out hiking every week, year around in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  I love that no hike is ever the same, even if I have hiked the same mountain and same trail before.  No matter how many miles I hike, I never consider it to be "easy."  It is always a challenge with great reward and I love that.  I also love photography and anything circus related.    
William Houlette

I recently graduated from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania with a degree in English/Professional Writing. For the last few years, I have been planning a post-graduation thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail with my best friend, Chuck, but the idea to hike the AT has been in my head since my first scout trip. We had hiked 5 miles along the AT when I was 10 and I had a real hard time of it. After the trip though, I was determined to hike the whole thing. I have had a lot of experience in the outdoors through the Boy Scouts of America, both as a scout and a summer camp counselor. I love hiking, swimming, running, and spending as much time being active and having fun as humanly possible. When I do sit down, I enjoy writing short stories, playing ridiculously complicated board games with my friends, and sleeping.

Peter ‘Pete’ Mangan Peter Mangan, Dependable Pete, is a fun loving guy. I pride myself on confidence and relentless positivity. A veteran of the US Coast Guard and an accomplished runner and cyclist. Having run 5 marathons and cycled across 3 states I understand what it means to achieve a goal through hard work and self-discipline. I've dreamed of hiking the Appalachian Trail for well over ten years and finally the opportunity has come. I'm planning a north bound hike beginning April 1. My goal through all of this is to show the average person what is possible. Motivate change. We, as human beings, are capable of so much more than we could ever ask of ourselves. Follow along with me and let’s see what’s possible. You don't have to do what I do just know you can if you set out to.  
Michael Boegh

My name is Michael Boegh, I'm a 46-year old office drone who decided one day that the cube life just isn't for me.  I had some serious health problems a few years ago that almost pulled the plug on me.  I *used* to weigh over 500 lbs, but I've since lost more than a third of that, and got a second chance at life. So I decided to do something epic and ridiculous--hiking the Appalachian Trail!

I've done some interesting things in the past--I was once a whitewater rafting guide in Alaska, I was a poker dealer in Las Vegas for several years, and I even dabbled in the stock market as an options trader and stockbroker.  As my health has improved, I've gained a re-appreciation for the outdoors, and I like to spend my weekends, canoeing, kayaking, backpacking, hiking, or just camping. Besides the outdoors, I love to read, and I especially love to write.  I've done some stand-up comedy and storytelling for audiences, and I'm an Organizer for a Nashville Writers Meetup group. And I'm hoping that my Appalachian adventure becomes a book when I'm finished!


 Brittany Bendel

I grew up in the suburbs of Connecticut in North Haven, but now reside in Storrs, CT as a chemical engineering student at the University of Connecticut. I work at the bouldering wall at my University. Whenever I am not studying and doing my homework, I am almost guaranteed to be found hiking, caving, reading, or slacklining.

 Adam Joseph

I am a nature-minded, animal lover from New Hampshire, looking to increase my self-sufficiency and survivability.  Science and art are my passions, aside from hiking. I began hiking with my grandfather when I was 11 and I hope someday to make that exchange a tradition with grandkids of my own. Think positive. Be positive. Have fun!

 Anthony Earl

Anthony Earl, an Eagle Scout, from San Antonio, TX is currently studying business marketing at Southern Arkansas University (SAU). Earl serves as a president's ambassador, housing ambassador, and resident assistant for SAU. With a busy schedule he spends his semester not only in class but giving tours of the university and housing options for future freshman. During his free time he is an avid climber and a sponsored athlete of Team VCRUX out of Hueco Tanks near El Paso, TX. Anthony has five years of summer camp instructor experience, including most recently the director of rock climbing at Buffalo Trail Scout Ranch located in the Davis Mountains. He is excited for this opportunity and the chance of a lifetime. 

 Marty Robinson  Marty has been an outdoor enthusiast since he was pretty much a toddler, going on outdoor expeditions with his Grandfather. He has his Associates in Science; his major interests include Chemistry, Ethnobotany and getting out on adventures at every last turn. Marty is currently taking his fitness to a new level, utilizing a strenuous Cross-fit program to get himself in top shape. He has had dreams of completing an Appalachian Trail thru-hike and with countless months/days of researching a thru-hike, along with a prior attempt at the Appalachian Trail thru-hike, he will set out do so again. Marty has been recovering from a setback diagnoses of functional schizophrenia and is focusing his energies into forming himself into the person he knows he has the potential to be. He is the most outgoing, caring individual that seeks to please. Once he sets his mind to it, Marty's eye for detail is unrivaled, he gathers every piece of information possible regarding the subjects that he knows will expand his mind beyond the average human being. He looks forward to sharing his journey with anyone looking to follow. Future posts will be made with links to his blog, twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts tracking his trek.  


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