Parts Request Form - U.S. Customers Only

If you live outside the United States, please visit the International Customer Service page to locate the overseas Osprey Distributor closest to you.

Please use this form to request a replacement for a part on your pack which has broken. Keep in mind that this form is only useful for parts that you can put onto your pack yourself at home. If you can't make the repairs yourself, you can submit a request for a Return Authorization number to send the pack back to us for repair. This form is not intended for purchases of hipbelts, top lids, etc, due to loss, theft or size change. For non-repair related questions, please contact Customer Service.

When requesting buckles, it is necessary to tell us the width of the webbing strap that weaves thru the buckle. When requesting side rods, it is necessary to tell us the length of the existing rod & the torso size of the pack.

If you have not heard back from us in a while please check your SPAM folder for our reply before calling.

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