Macky Franklin

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#manualmonday coming at you from Scotland! Lots of cool clouds and mist on today's ride. And just a bit of leftover snow from yesterday...
Got to ride the Golfie with the top Scottish EWS riders today, @garywforrest, @misswinton and @lewbuchanan. Good times playing in the mud and snow!
Another day, another ride, another bike wash and another load of laundry. #ridinginscotland #mud
"Don't worry," they said. "It'll be dry," they said. @sydgschulz enjoying the sloppy conditions. #ridingwiththescots #scotlandriding
#tbt to racing the @transprovence two years ago. The Alps were pretty spectacular. What do you think, would you ride these trails?
To all #trailbuilders - thanks for all your hard work making trails for the rest of us to ride. We really appreciate all the hours you spend building and maintaining trails, even if we haven't said "thank you" recently. I built my first trail this past fall and it made me realize how much work has gone into the thousands of miles of singletrack I've ridden in my life...
Made it back to Yair again for the first time this trip and it was just as fun and slippery as last time, only this time I rode it a lot more comfortably. #progress
Snow and blue skies. Scotland really put on a show yesterday! And then it rained all night and all the snow disappeared so I went out and played in the mud! πŸŒ¨β˜€πŸŒ§πŸš΅πŸ‘
First ride in Scotland was a blast. Lived up to expectations with lots of steep, slippery, snowy trails! Looking forward to more to come! #scotland #mud
Flashing back to riding at @windrockbikepark last fall. Can't wait to get back there and explore some more! #fbf
I'm going to Scotland! Wahoo! #jumpforjoy
Happy #manualmonday! Who do you know who's got a super long #manual?
First #snowride of the year! Some fun #slowmo (or should I say #snowmo) and a wipeout by videographer @sydgschulz. #slomo #slowmotion
Man, that was a scary descent! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ™ƒπŸ˜ #poopypants #scotlandtraining
Busted out the @jamisbicycles DEFCON for the first time in a while to make sure everything was working well before we fly to Scotland next week. I even got to test it out in similar conditions to what we'll have in Scotland! Thanks @photojournalucas for catching my #mudeatin grin. 😁🚡
#tbt to my first ever ride on the @jamisbicycles DEFCON, almost exactly a year ago. The bike I borrowed was a size too small and I wasn't super impressed with it. Then I got on the correct size and had my best race season ever. Maybe it was a fit issue... 😜
Getting loose in the mud on my @jamisbicycles #dragonslayer. Ohio providing some good Scotland training recently with all the rain and mud...
To celebrate the first #manualmonday of 2017 I decided to put together some of my best #manual of last year. I've got #manuals from 2 continents, 3 countries and a ton of different states, which one's your favorite? Tag a friend who's got a wicked manual!
2016 was great and hopefully 2017 will be even better! Here's to drifting corners, high speeds and lots of amazing trails! #happynewyear #happy2017
Top 9 posts of the year. Apparently my @skipajarito video was a big hit (both times I shared it) and you all like when I crash...if you want more stats from my year (top fb posts, miles ridden, total posts and likes) check out the website in my profile.