Macky Franklin

Osprey Sponsored Athlete and Mountain Biker
Snow and blue skies. Scotland really put on a show yesterday! And then it rained all night and all the snow disappeared so I went out and played in the mud! πŸŒ¨β˜€πŸŒ§πŸš΅πŸ‘
First ride in Scotland was a blast. Lived up to expectations with lots of steep, slippery, snowy trails! Looking forward to more to come! #scotland #mud
Flashing back to riding at @windrockbikepark last fall. Can't wait to get back there and explore some more! #fbf
I'm going to Scotland! Wahoo! #jumpforjoy
Happy #manualmonday! Who do you know who's got a super long #manual?
First #snowride of the year! Some fun #slowmo (or should I say #snowmo) and a wipeout by videographer @sydgschulz. #slomo #slowmotion
Man, that was a scary descent! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ™ƒπŸ˜ #poopypants #scotlandtraining
Busted out the @jamisbicycles DEFCON for the first time in a while to make sure everything was working well before we fly to Scotland next week. I even got to test it out in similar conditions to what we'll have in Scotland! Thanks @photojournalucas for catching my #mudeatin grin. 😁🚡
#tbt to my first ever ride on the @jamisbicycles DEFCON, almost exactly a year ago. The bike I borrowed was a size too small and I wasn't super impressed with it. Then I got on the correct size and had my best race season ever. Maybe it was a fit issue... 😜
Getting loose in the mud on my @jamisbicycles #dragonslayer. Ohio providing some good Scotland training recently with all the rain and mud...
To celebrate the first #manualmonday of 2017 I decided to put together some of my best #manual of last year. I've got #manuals from 2 continents, 3 countries and a ton of different states, which one's your favorite? Tag a friend who's got a wicked manual!
2016 was great and hopefully 2017 will be even better! Here's to drifting corners, high speeds and lots of amazing trails! #happynewyear #happy2017
Top 9 posts of the year. Apparently my @skipajarito video was a big hit (both times I shared it) and you all like when I crash...if you want more stats from my year (top fb posts, miles ridden, total posts and likes) check out the website in my profile.
Stoked to race this series next year! #Repost @nationalenduroseries with @repostapp ・・・ Pleased to announce our 2017 calendar. It's gonna be a great year with all six rounds as @world_enduro Qualifiers and some of the best races around the country.
This #womancrushwednesday goes to @sydgschulz for always being up for an adventure. We decided today to go to Scotland for five weeks, leaving in two weeks. Yup, that happened. #adventuresforthcoming
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and happy #manualmonday all rolled into one!
Merry Christmas Eve! Hope you had some fun outside today. I took a great 3.5 hour ride with @sydgschulz and @jim.schulz and wore a Santa hat. Yup, it was great! #merrychristmas
Crash reel! It's the time of year for the annual @sydgschulz and Macky crash reel. A few cameos by random people and @nicodelcampoa. Enjoy! #crash
Happy winter #wheeliewednesday. Decided to switch things up a bit since I missed manual Monday! Starting to think I need to work on my one-handed ones now. #winterwheeliewednesday
#vanlife is the best. Remembering warm days in the high mountain deserts. If you want some #vanlife inspiration, check out the article @outsidemagazine did this summer about us (link in profile). Photo by @jenjudgephoto