Anna Pfaff

Osprey Sponsored Athlete & Alpinist
Laps @diablorockgym in between ER shifts. 💉💊. Sometimes it's really hard to train after a 12 hour day 😳
Granite 🙏
The Zion Curtain. PC @rachel.spitzer 🍰🎂🍰
@rachel.spitzer sending the granite slab of Arm and Hammer here in Bells Canyon...and it's her birthday!!! 🎂
Scheming for upcoming adventures 🤗 PC @alisonvagnini
As much as I love the midwest.... I am pretty excited to head back head back to the mountains 🙏 PC @rob.lea
visiting home 🐄
Ohio pegboard session. Best training around.
Dry tooling session beautifully captured by @davidcliffordphotography Fun day in Redstone this past spring.
sandstone 🙏 PC @dan.holz
Mountain dreams. PC @julietajuliana 😀
✌️PC @rob.lea
When things get all confusing it's good to go climbing with friends. That's what they would do. PC @rob.lea #garyfalk
The coolest couple. Angela V and @adamsonalpinist. ❤️
Keep moving forward.
There is something beautiful about ice. This photo was taken last winter by @iammattkennedy in the Ouray Ice Park.
Mountain dreams.
Angela even gave me some warm mittens. 😀❄️ #glacierlife
Cho -Oyu Basecamp 2011. PC Camilo Lopez