Ben Clark

Charlie Clark has it too, that inclination to step a little higher and reach a little farther, focus. I can only teach him what I learned and hope he is privy to great mentors and greater luck as I have been. #ospreyathlete @ospreypacks
In all my adventures, I never rode a horse. Until today, thanks @bencmasters for the lesson! #mountainfilm #telluride #colorado
Classic late spring #trailrun with @jonaugello #telluride #colorado @ospreypacks #rev6 #ospreyathlete
That time of year when this valley full of stories becomes a valley full of storytellers:) #mountainfilm
A little #telluride evening magic
That #telluride #spring morning vibe. Got it this morning. @ospreypacks #ospreyathlete
@Esquire @gq say the airport is the new fashion runway. I've seen a lot on 14 flights in the last 60 days, but I'd have to say this guy has his "bearings" straight ;-)
#life on the waterfront. #brooklyn #gowanuscanal #superfund site
All adventure photographers pride themselves on "getting the shot" in places that are remote and unique. Well, I got #Spider-man saving #NYC from another foe at #legoland on 23rd st.
Every night in #brooklyn the sunset pours through our fifth floor window, reflects off an Art Deco mirror in the kitchen and coincidentally splashes this happy Buddha in the living room with glowing rays. I'm glad, he was my grandmothers good luck charm, she used to rub his belly for luck. It worked.
Somewhere in all the symmetry, it's always the disrupter that catches my attention. In nature, in urban, in thought. I guess that's what makes me different. Nothing is the same everywhere, I'm trained to see that, I enjoy it. #midtown #manhattan #nyc
The horizons of west #texas rarely dissappoint. I live a charmed life at times, and am excited to know so many great people there willing to share such great views into their wilderness and culture.
Suns out, guns out.
Killer performance tonight;) #wedontdial911
In a town with no fire hydrants and a library open an hour a day, after two days of riding on mountain bikes 70 miles to get here, these riders rinse the dust of a Texas desert off with a smile. Dell City, Texas gave the riders an escort into the city, courtesy of the local fire department before hosing them down. Dell City ISD is about to recieve the gift of reading as these riders carried books on thier bikes from El Paso. There are 70 elementary students who will enjoy the journey of reading, with the addition of 3 books per student. @rideforreading is an organization I enjoy being able to support with my storytelling skills and I am glad to have been included in this book delivery. This is a town and a place that needs that help, dwindling in population as the mechanization of farming decimates jobs. Seeing the impact that they are making for the future students of this community is eye opening. Glad my friend and creative cohort @devonbalet got me down here!
The sunset tomorrow will come from #Texas , but for now, it's just right. #brooklyn #nyc
Everything you can fit in a square. #NYC
My great mother, also a wonderful grandmother.
#waterfront #Williamsburg #smorgusburgbrooklyn #nyc
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