Kim Havell

Regram 📷 from @perpetualweekend. In June 2011, Jim & I met on a project filming for @sweetgrassp 's SOLITAIRE in Bolivia. It was a wild adventure, making decisions on the go and this face was one of our fun successful ski objectives - South Summit / French Direct route of 19,974ft Huayna Potosi. It was firm and steep and Jim hauled a camera up and shot like a champ from some very exposed perches. The rest of the team was a mile or two away getting other angles. It was special to share this day on a great route with a new friend. #tbt @salomonfreeski @blackdiamond @ospreypacks @backcountrycom #expandyourplayground
Soaking in the sun on a spring-like day with #gooseandrooster. With warm temps and cold breezes their team summitted and got face shots and corn slides down the East Face. #dogtales #tetons
No tracks in sight so the #Frenchman, a former French National Team racer, took full advantage & in his favorite @salomonfreeski #MtnLab boots 🇫🇷 #gtnp @exumguides @tetonbootlab
Avi dog training with Goose & @tetonoutfitters this afternoon. She found me fast every time. #JHSP #proudmama @jacksonhole
Started out in the sun, topped out in clouds w nuking winds, with @jrheemstra hitting the sweet spot on the final descent - another day of adventure in #gtnp
❤️ February! @exumguides @salomonfreeski @ospreypacks @suunto @blackdiamond #expandyourplayground #tetonsToday
It's all for nothing if you don't have freedom. - Willam Wallace @salomonfreeski @suunto @ospreypacks @blackdiamond @winterwildlandsalliance @bronwenjewelry @theprobar @iomerino
Pure magic in the park today. Pristine peaks, sunshine, clean lines and deep snow top to bottom. #gtnp #expandyourplayground @salomonfreeski @blackdiamond @ospreypacks @exumguides @backcountryaccess @adventuremedicalkits
@dwayne.meadows enjoys the sound of silence. @salomonfreeski @blackdiamond @backcountryaccess @adventuremedicalkits @ospreypacks
If this was today, can't wait for tomorrow. #winterstormwarning @salomonfreeski @ospreypacks @blackdiamond @backcountryaccess @bronwenjewelry @theprobar
Busy week guiding and the snow keeps coming but looking forward to these days ahead in the high alpine. Fun day on Buck Mountain w @pvmcdermott @stephen_koch & PC: @jonathanselkowitz, running into @zahan007 & Nate Brown setting an impressive speed record RT. #WaitForIt @salomonfreeski @blackdiamond @suunto @backcountryaccess @ospreypacks @exumguides #jhalpineguides
Amazing week watching breakthroughs for the ladies at Women's Week Elevate Camp. Inspiring to see challenges met and goals realized. Looking forward to the next one! PC: @scottmarkewitz @jacksonhole @salomonfreeski @ospreypacks @bronwenjewelry
A brief pause from the storms yesterday early am at 10,400ft and mid-week for our women's ELEVATE camp. Powder skiing & good times with a lot of great ladies this week. @salomonfreeski @ospreypacks @blackdiamond @suunto @bronwenjewelry @jacksonhole
Happy days in the hills. @salomonfreeski @ospreypacks @blackdiamond @backcountryaccess
Gotta love a good powder cycle. PC: @scottmarkewitz @salomonfreeski @ospreypacks @blackdiamond @backcountryaccess @adventuremedicalkits
Co-owner of the American Avalanche Institute @avyinstitute, Don Sharaf, reaping the rewards of research.
The stability was good & so was the skiing w @timmycohn #gtnp @exumguides
A morning above the clouds. #tetons
Beautiful ridge walk in Revelstoke BC w @salomonfreeski @tristanknoertzer PC: @scottmarkewitz Salomon has launched a new snow safety avalanche course online (not to replace formal Avalanche School training) and it is an excellent broad-based overview to Avalanche education. Check link to story, review, & photos in profile.
Last light in the western Tetons. Back from a few days w a great crew skiing the winter lines of summer haunts. #expandyourplayground @salomonfreeski