Macky Franklin

Osprey Sponsored Athlete and Mountain Biker
Fun times on the moto today playing around at Alcalde with @sydgschulz. Trails are in great condition and the dirt is so nice! #braap! 💥💨💨💨
Another #tbt from riding in #nevadosdechillan #chile including the best #crash I've ever had caught on video! Thanks @anthonyjmilio for the gorgeous footage! #otb #dust
In honor of #fbf, I put together this #raw edit from riding in #nevadosdechillan #chile. Amazing footage from @anthonyjmilio #jamis #vittoriatires
Good times on "Chutes & Ladders" at @angelfirebikepark this weekend. Plenty of chutes, and lots of ladders! Oh, and when you ride it, when you see 5 "slow" signs in a row, slow down or you'll huck to flat off the bridge like I did at the end of the video. #hucktoflat #sorrysuspension #chutesandladders
Great shot by @koz_ from @bigmountainenduro #crestedbutte. That place is pretty amazing!
New kicks and new socks! It was a good day. #nmpride #matchymatchy
Great shot by @koz_ from the #crestedbutte @bigmountainenduro last weekend. Squashing jumps!
#manualmonday from 2 weeks ago in Deer Valley. Giving the roadies a little something to distract themselves from the climb!
Getting my lean on during the @bigmountainenduro in #crestedbutte. What a fun weekend of playing in the mud! Had a couple of spills that lost me a shot at the podium (finished 6th and missed 5th by 6 seconds) but nothing serious. Also finished 6th in the series overall. So hey, I'll take it!
Great capture by @schirfphoto from the @endurocupmtb at @deervalleyresort this weekend. Racing #NCS as our first stage was definitely a rough way to start the day but the spectators made it all worth it! They were especially noisy on the #barneyrubble rock garden. Check my profile link for the video of my full run.
Second in the @endurocupmtb series overall for the second year running. Stoked to stand on the podium with these fast guys! Good racing boys! #jamis #vittoriatires #ctsathlete #switchtoxpedo
Looking forward to tomorrow's @endurocupmtb in #parkcity. The first stage, #NCS, is gonna be rowdy! Thanks @elbowrides for the video of me riding the #barneyrubble section!
#fbf to the series final of last year's @endurocupmtb at Canyons resort in Park City. Looking forward to this year's final this coming Sunday also in Park City, but one resort over, at Deer Valley! Photo: @seanryanphotos
Great shot by @devonbalet from this past weekend's @bigmountainenduro in #steamboatsprings. Such awesome trails!
Stoked to have another video featured on @pinkbike. This time a project I worked on with @apopowych about the importance of #movement in my life. Link to the full video in my profile. #jamis #vittoriatires
Got some good #manual practice at this weekend's @bigmountainenduro in #steamboatsprings on the transition back from stage 6. Broke 20 seconds again but having a hard time getting into the 30 range... #manualmonday #worktodo
#tbt to anti-grip and dust clouds in Chile earlier this year. Photo: @anthonyjmilio #nevadosdechillan #jamis #vittoriatires #martello
There's some #wheelie good riding here in #steamboatsprings. Looking forward to the @bigmountainenduro this weekend! #wheeliewednesday
Good times racing the #firefive dh race at @angelfirebikepark today. 2nd place and walked away with some bling bling! Good racing boys! #showmethemoney #blingbling
On the hunt for some extra seconds at last weekend's #losalamosendurofest. It paid off as I won every stage in addition to the overall! #cleansweep