Macky Franklin

Osprey Sponsored Athlete and Mountain Biker
Stoked to have another video featured on @pinkbike. This time a project I worked on with @apopowych about the importance of #movement in my life. Link to the full video in my profile. #jamis #vittoriatires
Got some good #manual practice at this weekend's @bigmountainenduro in #steamboatsprings on the transition back from stage 6. Broke 20 seconds again but having a hard time getting into the 30 range... #manualmonday #worktodo
#tbt to anti-grip and dust clouds in Chile earlier this year. Photo: @anthonyjmilio #nevadosdechillan #jamis #vittoriatires #martello
There's some #wheelie good riding here in #steamboatsprings. Looking forward to the @bigmountainenduro this weekend! #wheeliewednesday
Good times racing the #firefive dh race at @angelfirebikepark today. 2nd place and walked away with some bling bling! Good racing boys! #showmethemoney #blingbling
On the hunt for some extra seconds at last weekend's #losalamosendurofest. It paid off as I won every stage in addition to the overall! #cleansweep
Might have missed #manualmonday yesterday so here's a #manualtuesday for you. Thanks to @sydgschulz for following me down the hill in Snowmass a few weeks ago!
Stoked to take the win this weekend at the #losalamosendurofest. The more I explore the great trails in NM, the prouder I am to call NM my home base! Thanks to everyone who made the race possible and to @jim.schulz and @ejgerl for being such a great support crew! #jamis #vittoriatires #nmtrue
Good first day of racing here at the Los Alamos #endurofest. Currently leading the open men and looking forward to the awesome trails at @skipajarito tomorrow! Yesterday's storms made for some amazing dirt today and it looks like more storms are on the horizon! #herodirt #jamis #vittoriatires
Good old Los Alamos bringing us daily storms to dampen the trails in preparation for this weekend's enduro. Not to mention some spectacular lighting and thunder! Looking forward to racing these awesome trails for the first time! #kaboom
#manualmonday from one of the transitions on the first day of the @world_enduro in Snowmass this past weekend. Good thing Instagram increased the max video length or this one wouldn't have fit! #ewsaspensnowmass #ews #20seconds #stillgotworktodotohit1min
Had another great day at the Aspen/Snowmass @world_enduro today. I felt good, didn't have any crashes or mechanicals and the trails were a blast. Stoked to get my top EWS finish to date, 44th! Photo: @ejgerl
Here's a glimpse of the @world_enduro @bigmountainenduro trails we'll be racing this weekend here in Aspen and Snowmass. Pretty awesome trails! #ewsaspensnowmass #jamis #vittoriatires
First day of practice at @world_enduro #ewsaspensnowmass was a blast! Looking forward to more rad trails tomorrow!
Good times riding this weekend at @skipajarito. Lots of fun, steep, natural terrain and cool wooden bridges and jumps. So cool to see NM ski areas opening their lifts for summer bike riding! #jamis #vittoriatires #nmtrue
Some days are ride days and some days are maintenance days. Today was one of the latter. Got the brap-cycle washed, oil changed and air filter cleaned. Looking forward to some throttle twisting tomorrow!
Had a great time racing the second round of the @angelfirebikepark #firefive DH series this weekend! A mechanical during my run kept me racing conservatively, but the course was one of my favorites: Chillin' to Fo' Sho to Supreme Jumps! Photo by @wraysinclairphoto
Super lucky to have spent 2 of the last 3 days working with @leelikesbikes at #valmontbikepark. Got some good cornering and jumping work in and feeling better for the upcoming races!
Finished off the Keystone @bigmountainenduro today. Still wasn't feeling it but managed a top 20 and didn't have any mechanicals or crashes. And really, what more can you ask for? #ridebikeshavefun
Some days you have it and some days you don't. Today was one of the latter. Survived day 1 of the Keystone @bigmountainenduro but that's about all I can say. Here's to a better day tomorrow!