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View from the top of the Naked Lady Couloir on Snowden Peak this morning. Nice Saturday adventure with a variety of snow ranging from very steep and firm hard pack up top to settled powder in the middle and finally some amazing corn out the bottom. The Naked Lady Couloir is such amazing eye-candy from Highway 550. It is a but of a journey to get there, but always worth the effort. #elevenate #oakleyskiing #suuntoski #ospreyathlete #fischerskis #fischerskis @lekiusa @ospreypacks @elevenate @fischersports_alpine #pineneedlemtng
Great run down Pequeno Couloir in Velocity Basin today. This time of year you have a small window between blower powder and knee blower. Today our timing was perfect as the storm cleared during the climb and left is with a blank canvas and epic conditions. #pineneedlemtng #fischerskis #ospreyathlete #suuntoski #oakleyskiing @silvertonmtn @lekiusa @ospreypacks #elevenate
#Repost @outsidemagazine with @repostapp. ・・・ @liamjski: Mention Switzerland to any skier and their reaction is nearly universal. Their eyes widen as thoughts of huge vertical, fluffy powder, and quaint villages filled with fellow snow seekers enjoying après fill their collective imaginations. When the opportunity presented itself to tag along with a few stellar skiers to the Swiss Alps, I eagerly jumped on the team. Skiers @sbrunso, John Trousdale, George Koch, and I travelled via rail to Adelboden, Andermatt, Disentis, and Engelberg. Deep snow, stinky cheese, new friends, cold beer, big climbs, and massive descents were never more than a walk, tram, or train away. Photo: @liamjski | Gallery @ #elevenate #oakleyskiing #suuntoski #ospreyathlete #fischerskis @lekiusa @ospreypacks #pineneedlemtng @pineneedlemtng
Nice view of southern Greenland to break up the 11+ hour flight from Frankfurt, Germany to Denver. Started the morning at 3:35am Swedish time. 3 of 4 flights behinds me. Ready for a good cup of coffee in the Denver airport and then the final leg home to Denver and my family. Ready for many nights in my own bed.
Testing out the 2017 Elevenate clothing on top of Areskutans above the town of Are, Sweden. The best skiwear in the world comes from Scandinavia as the world's most challenging weather is right out the backdoor. Skied in rain, sleet, driving snow and even some rime. The conditions were variable but the clothing was perfect. I was dry as a bone beneath my Gore-Tex Pro jacket and pants. Amazing gear makes for a most enjoyable day no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. #fischerskis #ospreyathlete #suuntoski #oakleyskiing #elevenate @pineneedlemtng @clifbarcompany @lekiusa
#Repost @mattiasfredrikssonphotography with @repostapp. ・・・ Beautiful day at @strandafjellet @sbrunso skiing towards Storfjorden. 🇳🇴❄️🎿#strandafjellet #fjordnorway #stateofelevenate #oakleyskiing #nikonsverige #nikonambassador #fstopgear #suuntoski #ospreyathlete #fischerskis @lekiusa @clifbarcompany @pineneedlemtng
Artsy shot taken while hanging out under the cornice high above Stranda, Norway. Waiting for the light to get a little better before dropping in to make some turns for Mattias Fredriksson. Such a beautiful spot to kill some time. #elevenate #suuntoski #fischerskis #oakleyskiing #pineneedlemtng @clifbarcompany @pineneedlemtng
#Repost @mattiasfredrikssonphotography with @repostapp. ・・・ The views didn't disappoint yesterday. Sunnmøre, you are beautiful. Thanks for showing us your backyard @uteguiden ❄️🎿🇳🇴#fjordnorway #sunnmøre #fjord #skitouring #stateofelevenate #nikonsverige #nikonambassador #fstopgear
#Repost @uteguiden with @repostapp. ・・・ Guide @oscaralmgren85 leading the group on today's ski touring photoshoot. Good day, good crew! 📷 @mattiasfredrikssonphotography
Finally arrived in Stranda, Norway after two long days of traveling. Third time to Norway and it blows my mind each and every time I visit. The scenery is unrivaled anywhere I have been. Rugged snow covered mountains dropping right into the ocean. Add it to your ski bucket list as it is worth the effort getting here. @lekiusa @elevenate @ospreypacks #elevenate #suuntoski @pineneedlemtn #fischerskis #ospreyathlete @fischersports_alpine @elevenate
Going to be a long 24 hours! There are many perks that come along with chasing the Endless Winter, but marathon travel days are not on that list. Looking forward to meeting up with photographer Mattias Fredriksson and a bunch of friends from Elevenate to go shoot in the fjords of Norway. #pineneedlemtng #fischerskis #oakleyskiing #ospreyathlete #elevenate #suuntoski @lekiusa
Found plenty of great turns in my Easter basket this morning. Great day of powder and sunshine in SW Colorado. #suuntoski #elevenate #ospreyathlete #oakleyskiing #fischerskis #pineneedlemtng @lekiusa
Textbook Switzerland. Big mountains and a barn. Waited around for Heidi, but she never showed up. We did not find blower powder in Engelberg but we had fun skiing skiing some off piste corn at Brunni and then did a climb and ski off a peak above Furenalp. Always ways to make a great adventure if you look hard enough. In Zurich for the night before flying home for five days before heading to Norway to shoot for a few weeks with Mattias Fredriksson and Elevenate. #pineneedlemtng #fischerskis #oakleyskiing #ospreyathlete #elevenate @clifbarcompany #suuntoski
Hanging out in Engelberg, Switzerland. The snow has been destroyed by the wind, but we are making lemonade and enjoying the scenery and eating plenty of cheese. Taking today off from skiing to go explore Lucerne.
Sharing the tram with 4 others on a powder day in Disentis, Switzerland. #suuntoski #elevenate #ospreyathlete #oakleyskiing #fischerskis @clifbarcompany @ospreypacks @elevenate @pineneedlemtng #pineneedlemtng #pinkbommel
Another tough day in office. Snapshot from our day of ski touring in Andermatt, Switzerland. We have had great conditions for the first week of this trip. So much great terrain and incredible scenery. Ready to dive into week two. Full ski day at Andermatt tomorrow and then an evening train over the Oberalp Pass to Disentis for 3 days before heading to Engelberg. #fischerskis #oakleyskiing #ospreyathlete #elevenate #suuntoski @clifbarcompany @elevenate @fischersports_alpine @lekiusa @ospreypacks 📷John Trousdalr
Not a bad start to our Swiss adventure. Arrived in Adelboden this morning after an overnight flight from the US, did a quick change of clothes and were out the door on the gondola by 11am. Buckled boots and immediately dropped back into winter. 6 hours of skiing blower powder is a good way to fight jet-lag. One of the best days in a long time. Here is a quick shot from the back of Liam's camera giving a sneak peak at the conditions. Looking forward to a good night sleep and a big day exploring tomorrow. @lekiusa @pineneedlemtng @elevenate @fischersports_alpine #fischerskis
Getting ready to board a flight to Zurich for a two-week shoot in Switzerland with photographer Liam Doran. Stops include Adelboden, Andermatt, Disentis and Engelberg. Hoping to find some fresh snow in the Alps as winter in SW Colorado decided to go on hiatus about 5 weeks ago. #oakleyskiing #ospreyathlete #fischerskis #elevenate #pineneedlemtng #suuntoski
Opening photo spread from a story in the new issue if Aka Skidor about our trip to Kebnekaise in Swedish Lapland last April. Photo was taken by Mattias Fredriksson and the story penned by Les Anthony. Such a memorable trip with the team from Elevenate. Looking forward to this years trip with the same crew to Norway in April. #oakleyskiing #ospreyathlete #elevenate #fischerskis #suuntoski @clifbarcompany @ospreypacks @elevenate #pineneedlemtng @pineneedlemtng #liveyours
When it hasn't snowed for almost 3 weeks and there is nothing in the forecast for at least two more you have make lemonade. Decided to do a climb and ski of the Zipper Couloir on the Grand Turk near Silverton. The wind storm from Thursday covered things with some dust but we still had a great adventure and some good turns along the way. Nice to have an alpine start, get a 3,000 vertical foot climb and ski and be back home in time for lunch. 📷Rob Haggart #suuntoski #fischerskis #elevenate #ospreyathlete #oakleyskiing @clifbarcompany @lekiusa #pineneedlemtng @pineneedlemtng