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#Repost @liamjski with @repostapp. ・・・ We had our fill of deep powder skiing in Taos last week but it looks like the west is headed into a long dry spell. Hate when that happens. @sbrunso with the action @skitaos @sigmaphoto #newmexicotrue @newmexicotrue @oakleyskiing @onthesnow #travelstoke #skiing #ospreyathlete #elevenate #fischerskis #suuntoski @lekiusa @fischersports_alpine @clifbarcompany @pineneedlemtng #pineneedlemtng @elevenate @ospreypacks
Skiing for photographer Liam Doran at Taos Ski Valley, NM. Snow conditions are pretty prime. Thanks to Mike Maroney for taking the great behind the scenes photo. #newmexicotrue #suuntoski #fischerskis #elevenate #oakleyskiing #ospreyathlete @lekiusa @elevenate @fischersports_alpine @ospreypacks #arcadebelts @arcadebelts
Last minute trip to Taos, New Mexico to shoot with Liam Doran. Left Durango at 3am and hammered through a challenging drive where I went 165 miles of road that were untouched by the plow getting fresh tracks in 4" of snow. Guess that is what I get for driving remote sections of highway in the middle of the night while chasing storms. The upside was arriving at Taos this morning to epic pow conditions. Great day of skiing/shooting followed by a New Mexican feast at Orlando's. Going to be a good night of sleep. #newmexicotrue
Riding the wave of powder at Purgatory. Three feet of new snow in 48 hours and still snowing. Great day to test the new Oakley Mod 5 helmet and Airbrake XL google. #ospreyathlete #oakleyskiing #elevenate #fischerskis #suuntoski @lekiusa @clifbarcompany
Nice day in the high alpine above Red Mountain Pass. Great ski tour with Rob Haggart followed by a long run in perfect pow conditions. This is the only documentation of the day. Sometimes it is important to leave the cameras at home and just go skiing. I have a picture in my mind of how good it was and sometimes that is all we need. #suuntoski #fischerskis #elevenate #oakleyskiing #ospreyathlete @clifbarcompany @ospreypacks @lekiusa @fischersports_alpine
A shot from two weeks ago taken in the Mammoth Mountain backcountry by Liam Doran. So much easier to find the goods when you are willing to earn your turns. #ospreyathlete #oakleyskiing #elevenate #fischerskis #suuntoski @lekiusa @ospreypacks @elevenate @clifbarcompany
One of my favorites from a photo shoot I did Thursday at Silverton Mountain with photographer Scott DW Smith. Steeps covered with a couple feet of new snow and brilliant sunshine makes for a pretty memorable day in the office. #fischerskis #suuntoski #elevenate #oakleyskiing #ospreyathlete @lekiusa @clifbarcompany @elevenate @fischersports_alpine @ospreypacks
Pretty stellar day in the eastern Sierra backcountry with Glen Plake, his wife Kimberly and photographer Liam Doran. Full day mission climbing peaks, skiing some wind buffed chalk, dropping into some couloirs and skiing a huge powder line on the way out. Another special day in the mountains. #ospreyathlete #oakleyskiing #elevenate #suuntoski #fischerskis @lekiusa @ospreypacks @elevenate @clifbarcompany
Another frame from a shoot one week ago today on Molas Pass with Scott DW Smith. Conditions in SW Colorado have been pretty stellar to start the New Year. #fischerskis #suuntoski #elevenate #oakleyskiing #ospreyathlete @lekiusa @elevenate @clifbarcompany @fischersports_alpine @ospreypacks
Flight testing the 16/17 Fischer Ranger 108. This is the ultimate 1 ski quiver. This shot is from a shoot I did last Friday with photographer Scott DW Smith on Molas Pass. #oakleyskiing #elevenate #fischerskis #suuntoski @lekiusa
#Repost @powdermagazine with @repostapp. ・・・ Sven Brunso shakes his tail feather on Coal Bank Pass in Colorado. PHOTO: @liamjski #powdertothepeople #ospreyathlete #suuntoski #fischerskis #elevenate #oakleyskiing @elevenate @ospreypacks
#Repost @outsidemagazine with @repostapp. ・・・ El Niño is on in the Southern Rockies! @sbrunso makes some turns above U.S. 550, near Durango, Colorado. Photo @graysonschaffer | #oakleyskiing #elevenate #fischerskis #suuntoski #ospreyathlete @elevenate @clifbarcompany
Popping some pillows at Silverton Mountain on Saturday. After more than 70" of snow over the previous week, there were plenty of natural terrain features to play on all day long. #suuntoski #fischerskis #elevenate #pinkbommel #oakleyskiing @lekiusa @ospreypacks @elevenate @fischersports_alpine
Pretty good day when you can ski powder right to your backdoor. Fun day of laps around the house in Durango. Heavy snow starring to fall again now. Just sitting down to watch Point Break 2. Sure it won't be short on action. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. #elevenate #pinkbommel #fischerskis @lekiusa @ospreypacks @elevenate #suuntoski
Another day of goodness in the San Juan Mtns of Colorado. Here is one of my favorites from a shoot I did today with photographer Scott DW Smith at Purgatory. Had about 15 minutes if sunlight before the storm started back up. So far 32"+ of snow with a mini break slated for tonight and then round two forecast to hit tomorrow and deliver the goods for Christmas morning. Looking forward to finding some deep presents in the trees cone Christmas morning. #suuntoski #fischerskis #pinkbommel #ospreyathlete #elevenate @fischersports_alpine #oakleyskiing @lekiusa @ospreypacks
#Repost @oakleyskiing with @repostapp. ・・・ This cover photo of @sbrunso is his 100th cover. It took him 22 years to hit triple digits. Congratulations to one of the hardest working skiers in the industry. #FlightDeck 📷: @soderqvistphoto #elevenate #ospreyathlete #pinkbommel #fischerskis @ospreypacks @elevenate @clifbarcompany #suuntoski @fischersports_alpine
Another deep day in the office. Today the white room was found at Purgatory Resort. Thanks to Grady James for the photo. Already deep with another 2-3 feet in the forecast. Might be a White Christmas. @ospreypacks @elevenate @oakleyskiing @fischersports_alpine @clifbarcompany #pinkbommel #ospreyathlete #elevenate
Pacific Northwest powder tour continues with a stop at Crystal Mountain. Really fun day freeskiing skiing with my good friend John Trousdale. John got this snapshot in one of the tasty zones we found. Did some exploring today and found plenty of suitable conditions. #suuntoski #elevenate #fischerskis #ospreyathlete #oakleyskiing @elevenate @fischersports_alpine @lekiusa #pinkbommel
@liamjski with @repostapp. ・・・ Neck deep in Colorado. Been stoked on all the snow and more to come! @sbrunso in the snow globe. @sigmaphoto @clikelite @visitcolorado @elevenate @fischersports_alpine @oakleyskiing @lekiusa #suuntoski
Came up to Mount Baker to do a photo shoot with Grant Gunderson. Got very lucky yesterday when the clouds parted for 3 hours so we could shoot stellar powder conditions with Mount Baker in the background. This shot of me was taken by pro skier Austin Ross who snapped this as he was hiking up to get another lap. Baker has always been on my bucket list so I feel so fortunate to get here with great snow and get a window to shoot. This place is amazing. So much terrain and really good people. If you want to visit someplace that is all about the ski experience add this place to your hit list. #oakleyskiing #suuntoski #ospreyathlete #fischerskis #elevenate @lekiusa @elevenate