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Every person plays a part in supporting the whole. Each member of the team is joined to the one behind and the one in front and the sum of all the connections creates something greater than the tally of the parts. That something greater is renewed sight. And those parts are @cureblindness This is an impromptu portrait of the laundry ladies at Axum hospital. They washed the drapes used to cover the patients heads and chests during cataract surgery and also provided the gowns worn to cover the bodies and arms. Each day they would remove the used drapes and shuttle the cleaned ones back to be sterilized. The patient is healed by the surgeon who is assisted by the nurse, who in turn is fortified by the tech. The patient learns of the outreach from their community health care worker, who is supported by the govt and in this case NGOs. Each touch is crucial, from pre-surgical biometry to post operative care, from the doc with decades of schooling and application to every person who provides prayers and donations. #curenexus #locusofbelief #bethechange #joymerchant #yesiprocity #donatenow @geoffreytabin @garrett_jwg Thanks family @ospreypacks for the #travtruism support Happy birthday @amandasalzman from Africa
She arrived in Axum at the @cureblindness eye camp, as a monoscopic little girl, with one eye completely occluded with a massive cataract. The next day following surgery, @geoffreytabin peeled the #G157 patch (the G signifying his patient, and the number her place in his series of cataract surgeries.) She was immediately counting fingers, holding up the same configuration that Geoff displayed, from one meter, then two. As Geoff moved on to the next post-op he gently patted her head and said "Surgery looks great, she should be seeing really well." Her father beamed as she buried her face into his side. Later that day doc JWells watched her take a visual acuity exam. She sat on a rough wooden bench, her good eye blocked with her right hand, looking towards the chart tacked to a tree. As she correctly replied with a wave of her hand, indicating the direction of each E, the crowd of fellow patients and accompanying family members smiled joyously. With each descending font size and flick of her fingers their collective amazement and happiness rose, and as she hit the 20/20 mark a crescendo of ululation and clapping erupted. She traded the flatness of one-eyed life for the width, length and depth of vision and life in stereo. Restored sight bringing renewed life. #G157 is now an indicator on the @Cureblindness joy index - and it's off the charts. #bethechange #sparesomechange & #donate at the #linkinmyprofile thanks @ospreypacks @garrett__jwg
A unilaterally blind, elderly patient holding her henna stained hands in praise of the work of @cureblindness We are back into Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from Axum in the northern Tigray region after a successful and amazing cataract outreach with a US and Ethiopian team of surgeons, nurses and techs. Over four days we treated 475 patients, with 500 surgeries incl bilateral cases, ranging from 8 years old to 90 years young - restoring sight and renewing life. This cultural and medical exchange is the embodiment of joyous meaning, and exemplifies #travaltruism - my brand of #adventurephilanthropy At lunch today @geoffreytabin introduced us to tireless, medical polymath @rickhodesmd (see his work now at www.rickhodes.org) who has lived and cured in Addis Ababa for decades. He shared his stunningly powerful story and images table side. And though the shock and awe of human malady and suffering slightly suppressed my appetite, his patients needs, their treatment and his commitment to them was beyond nourishing. It was #profoundOMG We were hypnotized and edified through his stories and faith, his belief in the unknown, and via his beautiful calculus of vulnerability plus courage equalling the power of the possible. This equation propels all difficult and hazardous adventures, be it the physical journey of the mountain climber, the scientific-intellectual pursuit of the doctor, the spiritual path of the shaman or an amalgamation of the above. If it were known and easy it would simply require a TV guide to reach the destination. The works of @cureblindness and rickhodes.org are the apotheosis of goodness and care and represent the best qualities of humanity, inspiring all of us to apply ourselves to this single life, now. Donate now, get involved, be the change you want to see and feel in this world. Thanks for @ospreypacks for powering my #travaltruism
A nine yr old Tigray girl, blind in her left eye, entered the operating theater wearing a gown far too long and underfoot. Her head was shaved to create a narrow braided cruciform, a spiritually inspired cultural cut, that appeared to be an avant-garde hair style, I coined a #crucihawk Nervous and unsure of what was to occur, yet told that we could help her, she bravely laid down on a blanketed bench and received an immobilizing retro bulbar anesthetic via a needle inserted through her lower lid, under her eye. On the OR table during the preparatory stages of the cataract surgery she began to move, and we brought in her father to calm and assure her. He held her hands and whispered words of encouragement. And as @geoffreytabin made the initial surgical opening with a diamond bladed scalpel, I crouched beside the microscope softly shushing and held her head with both hands from below a sterile drape. The father lowered his face and began uttering soft prayers. They were answered, as she regained sight and renewed her life. This work and medical exchange embodies the components of joy. @cureblindness #donatenow @ the link in my bio Thanks to my friends and family at @ospreypacks for supporting my #travaltruism journey
That hat does say #cowboy. That is a goat hair fly swatter. And yes, that is septuagenarian Ethiopian gentleman from Axum, attending the @cureblindness #cataractsurgery clinic, flanked by two twenty-something Utah girls who joined us for two days of assisting with drops, lash trimming, patient placement and wonderful, joyous cultural and medical exchange. We are 230 surgeries deep and several days left to exchange #problemacknowledgement and #solutionapplication #tigraytigers #JohannaWell$ #Liss @ospreypacks @geoffreytabin
I almost always climb in the Flatirons above Boulder, CO before and after my travels. They are the bookends of leaving from and retuning to my home. I am already psyched on clambering on that sandstone again. I'm currently at a stop over in Istanbul, Turkey before another leg of the trip to Addis Ababa. And since I just experienced an all nighter I had some time to consider some phlight filosophy questions: 1st - Is it still today if you never go to sleep? 2nd - Should long flights segments be called butts instead of legs? 3rd - Is there less regret when watching bad movies in fast forward? I arrive at midnight to my penultimate destination, with the final one being my head at rest in the Harmony Hotel. Onward and upward. @cureblindness @ospreypacks @geoffreytabin
Heading east to Ethiopia, currently @ 35K ft absl - #planestocameltrains Denver•Chicago•Istanbul•Addis Ababa I am fortunate to assist with the global mission of @cureblindness & @geoffreytabin #ophthalmicalchemist Our team is headed to an area outside of the ancient city of Axum, in the northern Tigray province, the one time capital of the Axumite kingdom, from the first to sixth centuries AD. It will be an incredible cultural experience and an even more powerful medical exchange, w/ approx 500 patients receiving cataract surgery w/ many bi-lateral cases. In a nation of almost 100 million, the eye care need is immense, and Cureblindess is steadily creating and implementing systemic programs to provide treatment. #yesiprocity The partnership between @cureblindness and Ethiopian national, ophthalmic care is based on a legacy of successful results, training, infrastructure and equipment, developed over the past 10+ years and moving far into the future. #curingblindnessnow Our clinic is coming on the heels of a mid-April, massive 1,000+ surgery outreach in the Harar region with #mattolivia #ophthalmicwizzard and the Cureblindness team, partnered with Ethiopian eye surgeons and their teams of techs. Thanks to my friends and family at @ospreypacks for powering my journey. I will capture the story in pen and camera (just got a #sonyrxIII) and share after my return May 11th. Also tagging on a visit to #nambia to climb with #registeredbadass #jamesgarrett at #spitzkoppe granite domes post opening eyes = #travaltruism #adventurephilanthropy Go to link in my profile to donate. Give the gift of sight - #wow Image of #nielstietze rappelling from the summit of Moses earlier this month. The vast geological and technical aspects of climbing have opened my mind, body and soul - no doubt - and as meaningful, climbing has continually provided multiple doors leading to incredible opportunity - I just have to open them and go forward #climbingwellbeingsymbiosis
I cut my slacklining teeth within the quartz monzonite blobs of Joshua Tree National Park under the influence of priemer #dirtbagclimber Chongo and his #nationofone I attempted my first #highline amongst those spikey, prophet like arms and yet it wasn't until I arrived in @yosemitenps that I finally walked across the void. It is an emotional gap, as much as physical, and requires you to summon the courage to place one foot in front of the other. You must rewire past the primal memories of avoidance of the edge and commit to 'a void dance' with faith as your partner and a valley dancefloor one-thousand feet below. This shot was taken by photographer @juliar143 and a fellow friend of @yageryca and their annual #facelift event. It is from a time when @seanleary and @deanpotter still walked the earth and the air. I learned to highline as they did, with friends showing the way forward, and the inner light equation of vulnerability + courage = the #powerofthepossible #rostrum #yosemite #slackrifice #slacklife @patagonia_climb @clifbarcompany @ospreypacks @lasportivana @petzl_official @nativeeyewear
This past weekend, the Boulder, Colorado front range received an even later surprising, Parthian arrow, from a winter long retreated. Two feet of cold-moist-granulated-talc accumulated on every roof and mountain top, on each car and kid. I took three boys ages 9, 10, 11 sledding at Tantra Hill and Chautauqua Park for a #sundayfunday Fearon, seen here soaring w/ *pre-abandon off a #shovelbuilt jump (*still free of mature/grown-up concepts like career, fractures, etc) said, "This was probably the best day of sledding in my life...ever." #toseeyoungagain is #tobeyoungagain #wellbeingORwealthbeing #wellbeing #wealthbeing #sayitifyoufeelit #kidsnofilter #coffeeandkids
Don't' stop til you get enough. Whenever I notice a building with a climbable facade, lines leading upward, I am compelled to at least touch the starting holds. It's an almost involuntary expression of my desire to utilize this #verticalsidewalk less traveled. It stems from a hyperactive youth of continually climbing trees and tombstones, a childhood that provided a fluency in the proclamation of life and the marking of the dead. To interpret the urban environment from a climber's perspective will remain a lifelong conversation between the untamed voices in my head and the tacit reprimand of convention. And instead of expecting stone to speak when talking to a wall, it's a dialog of hand and hold that answers the question "Can I?" #upwardandonward #buildering #urbanclimbing #urbanplayground #getdownfromthere #sendthiscity 📷 @lincolnelse
#manchitecture The confluence of climber and urban structure. #supportingrole Recently visited the @mca_denver to be #blownaway by the exhibit #makeyourownfriends by Brian Bress - go check it out now. @📷 by @thecookdawg black and white film, not digital.
Tune into the @clifbarcompany channel today at 5:30pm pacific (8:30pm eastern) for my exclusive chat with @ScottJurek. Keep tagging those questions on Twitter with #AskJurek! Download the Periscope app, tune in and join the conversation. Ask Scott about his Appalachian trail record, his commitment to a plant based diet and his traveling the world running across some of the most beautiful and wild terrain out there. 📷 by @luis_escobar from #mountwashington in #newhampshire #trailrunning
Who doesn't love a good first flattie. #Coloradofrontrange #wilderness #wildness #selfunderemployed #pointwest #sundayfunday #tommowinsf
Yesterday was the @mca_denver and this morning the @denverartmuseum The attempt to interpret life is art The offering is museum Enthralled, perplexed and edified by artistry. Captivated, provoked and energized by buildings. Two and three dimensional art indoors informs my interaction with #thefourthdimension of wilderness. The towers, rivers and mountains are the canvas and my ropes, kayak and skis the palette. Gnar + Art = GnArt #gnart #bodyasbrush
Light illuminating man. Man imitating earth. Earth initiating life. The synaptic connection of thought to motion to memory played out in desert landscape with a brief summit sentinel pose atop Zeus looking west at the east face of Moses. 📷#nielstietze
Niels Tietze signing us into an #adventureGuestRegister atop the improbable Zeus tower, at the Islands in the Sky @canyonlandsnps With the shadow of Zeus on the left, the shadow of Moses on the right and the Thracian Mare formation illuminated fully in the background. The idea of leaving your name in a summit register, of others knowing that #Nielswashere is part of the emotional and intellectual exchange of history. It’s why we carve initials into trees, tag walls with spray paint and leave a sentence or two in the books that accompany weddings and funerals. It is proof that we exist now, with pen in hand, and future evidence that though now gone from the summit and perhaps from the earth itself, that we were once at least an impression and signature, if not a complex being attempting to find the purpose, meaning and beauty of it all. @patagonia_climb @ospreypacks @clifbarcompany @nativeeyewear @ospreypacks @petzl_official #nielstietze
On the way back to CO today, I arrived at my flight as a line of empty sport-wheelchairs passed, two by two, pushed by gate agents. An adaptive-sports team was traveling to an #awaygame I thought, "how cool" that we continually strive and succeed at overcoming barriers and that our resilient amalgam of #mindbodyandspirit is capable of reconfiguring a #newnormal We adapt or collapse. My mind returned to the last few days of adventure climbing within @canyonlandsnps w/ Niels Tietze and the determined efforts of the first ascent teams, of decades past. Those early #raddad pioneers who boldly launched into the unknown w/ the goal of standing atop an unclimbed rock spire, invented their tools, materials and especially the requisite mindset - that profound yet simple equation of accepting the vulnerability of #fearandfailure and summoning the courage to proceed anyway. To unlock the power of the possible you must practice #problemacknowledgement and #solutionapplication This is an image of a drilled Lost Arrow piton, attached with a star-drive bolt, from the first pitch of Pale Fire on the Moses Tower, looking out on Islands In the Sky. FA Fred Becky and Eric Bjornstad 1972 #sandysketchysuperb #onlyonecommanmentLiveLifeNow @patagonia_climb @ospreypacks @lasportivana @petzl_official @clifbarcompany @nativeeyewear
The desert provokes a bright awareness of life via spines, dehydration and a seeming absence of vitality. Mix with this perspective the desire to climb striking sandstone towers and you have the paradoxical mind of the climber, one that perceives a greater liveliness amidst the myriad opportunities and forms of obliteration. I've always wanted to climb Moses, and finally took the chance. While on the summit, paging through the register, among the dates and exaltations, there were many named in spirit, whose remembrance proved reason to thrive, in the way that absence evokes presence. At the road's terminus, the feet extend the journey. And the top of any mountain is simply a more arduous, beautiful dead end. @patagonia_climb @ospreypacks @petzl_official @lasportivana @nativeeyewear @clifbarcompany #firstaidbeforefirstaid #theonlycommandtmentislivelifenow #moseshasaposse #towersofpower #roaminginthedeaert
Imagine Discover Achieve Explore Reflect Revise Expose Listen Words from SLC Public Library - come on down friends of climbing, problem solving, high access, personal navigation to the #petzlropetrip happening To'now @ the down town library in SLC. 4:30-7:30pm (4/3/16) 📷 by @camp_usa Semi finals and finals between France and Russia - Napoleon's got a grudge and the Rigging Czars aren't having it. #sendthiscity #buildering #fromtheeyesofthesculpture @petzl_official @lasportivana @patagonia_climb @ospreypacks @nativeeyewear @clifbarcompany
If the journey is the destination then I'm always just arriving. Descending water and stone w/in the depths of @grandcanyonnps 📷 @jamesqmartin w/ @danny_gi0 on another epic insertion into the world's most adventure filled ditch.