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Just went for a #firstflattie cruise with @winstonmatt #lovetheflatirons Every time I scale the 1,000 feet of sandstone slab climbing I pause at the archaic #pitonformyhomies that is hammered into a crevice. It's an old ring piton that I chime for my friends that have gone to the other side, #letinonthebigsecret I sound it an uneven number of tolls, a practice I adopted while walking odd# circles around #boudhanath in #kathmandu I snapped this pic in 2012 while taking a three month ophthalmic tech course at #tilgangainstituteofophthalmology @cureblindness @ospreypacks #monksandpigeons
The #SuspensionofBelief mixed with the exhaustion of the #finalpitch My older brother Sean dangling #twothousandfeet + below the lip of El Capitan In 2005 we spent #sevenverticaldays living on a glacially polished granite monolith in Yosemite National Park adventure bliss Joined by the #elcappirate @ammonmcneely the #originalmagoo #climberploymath @cedarwright along with a badass #groundcrew @joytripproject and #DeeThomas Here's to another 100 ascents of #bigwalls with origin and chosen family And another #centenial of the #nps @paradoxsports @nobarriersusa @patagonia_climb #threethousandpulluos #leavethechairbehind #elcapitan @yosemitenationalpark #yosemiteambassador
To forever play Is to be Forever young This never gets old Only I do 9yr old Fearon Johnson sending The Boulder creek #ropeswing #boulder #colorado #slacklife
The road less taken Becomes the one Cut from whole cloth A single track Disappearing Into the wilds The wind whispers 'It's just ahead' And I listen Climbing columns in Milan. I love to look up and imagine my body connecting to sculpture/architecture - the nexus of the animate and inanimate. Check the Link in my profile to a Casey Butler article on #buildering from earlier this year. @patagoniamilano 📷 Mattia Antonietti
Ode to Sequoia Impossibly tall trees Jutting from the earth Like wooden skyscrapers Of burrow hive and nest Silent rooted witnesses Through millennial ages Bearing fate's touch Of flame drought and tremor Branches big as trees Like arms bent, rejoicing Holding up a crown Of sunlight leaves and life Sequoiadendron giganteum A soaring beatific An ever living sign post Of patience peace and humility #yosemiteambassador @yosemitenps #bigtreesbigideas #giantsequoia #seeyouattheFacelift #granitecrucible @patagonia_climb @petzl_official @ospreypacks @clifbarcompany @nativeeyewear @lasportivana
There's something about the Royal arches #likeanoldfriend We just get each other Here's to 100 years of the NPS Save the date In fact save the wilderness #cheers #wildernessbrewski @dolankimberly @jimmy_oneill_ #bloodfamily #chosenfamily #yolofreesolo @modelousa #cervezamexicana #vivamexico @mike.gauthier #yosemite
You know...that place. The granite crucible. Where dream is reality. Aristotelian elements. My soul residence. Yosemite Valley breath take. #yosemiteambassador #nationalparkcentennial Blood family meets chosen family. @jimmy_oneill_ @dolankimberly @mike.gauthier @yosemitenps @yageryca @yagerguyguy
Sometimes the only way in is up. I visited the SF MOMA this weekend with @bookofsamuel He took the stairs. Art is earth 📷 @lincolnelse
Why? The big question from which the center is created, curated and held. • Because. The living answer extending from the hub, the journey of the spoke. • Flow. The essential movement forward, the ampersand infinity twixt Q and A. 📷 @lincolnelse
@patagonia Posted a piece on their Cleanest Blog about an ascent in the @blackcanyonnps with my friend Wayne Willoughby. Check the link in my profile and enjoy and be inspired by his 'Power of the Possible.' This is Wayne, an incredible climber and #joymerchant ascending the striated granite walls of Black Canyon National Park. As an infant passing through Tennessee, while on a road trip with his parents, Wayne contracted polio. At age 63, he completed Astro Dog, 5.11 Grade V in a 24 hour push rim to rim, his 35th ascent overall of a big wall. Wayne performed thousands of pull ups with no small amount of suffering, yet never complained, and only expressed the #attitudeofgratitude Wayne lives the calculus of vulnerability plus courage equalling the power of the possible. Wayne, just completed his 36th wall ascent, with a speed lap of "Lurking Fear" on @yosemitenps El Capitan's West Face. #congratulations #elcapitan #waynewildebeast @patagonia_climb @paradoxsports @plantzfish @sensichew @willplantz @mplantz
@rockynps #sunrisepalette from an early morning hike 2-days ago with @captainfunhog to climb the #sharkstooth Life, like batteries, has pluses and minuses, and neither could run properly without containing both. Here's to the dawn, the promise of renewal, and to waking in the night In order to walk into first light. #nothingventurednothinggained #nothingimaginednothingcreated #nothinglostnothingwagered
A week ago I was in #jacksonhole WY to say goodbye to Gary Falk and hello to a vast number of #chosenfamily I got to know Gary via fellow @exumguides guide Mike Kirby, a US veteran and an amputee thru a non-combat accident. Kirby created a partnership with Exum and @paradoxsports to host an annual Veteran adaptive ascent of the Grand Teton. Gary was a bridge to excellence and overcoming disability and barriers - we extend that bridge. Kirby's words below about Gary's death and continuing the traditional Veteran Adaptive Ascent of the Grand Teton with Exum in 2017 - who's in? "Timmy it was great seeing you brother! I am psyched to team up with you again and get more of our brothers and sisters into the Tetons. It is simply amazing to see so many good things come out of something we perceive as bad. I haven't felt so much love from so many people in a very long time and it was right here in our community. Our brothers and sisters who see the worst of humankind and see so much death by going to war, living a reality where death is constant, killing and loosing ones you love can close the heart and wreck the soul. For those who have been the bearers of death they can often loose their way when love is not felt in this life. Remember Dan Sidles (note - a veteran friend who recently took his life.) I know in my heart that we as a human race can evolve past violence and hate toward each other and simply love one another despite race, religion, gender, beliefs. I experienced that at Gary's memorial and it brings me hope. For the first time in years I have felt love, joy, and peace from within. Thank you Gary. ...and Thank you all for your friendship and your love. 💚" Mike's above words are the best approximation to answer the question of "Why am I on this earth?" To adventure within it and share in the love. Image from a sunrise earlier this week when heading up for a Diamond ascent - @rockynps w/ @mikeschlauch
Climbing on the Diamond, the hellaciously exposed east face of Colorado's Long's Peak along the continental divide. @mikeschlauch gets it D O N E in the mtns and when I hang & climb & ski with him the meaningful words of the Californian writer Jack London come to mind: "I would rather be ashes than dust! I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry-rot. I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet. The function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them. I shall use my time." #getoutside #climbing @rockynps #yosemiteambassador @patagonia_climb @ospreypacks @petzl_official @nativeeyewear @clifbarcompany @lasportivana
PART III Gary Falk - A life in the mtns. Kate Falk, Gary’s widow and the mother of their two young children, Anders and Donovan, expressed that “Gary was a treasure to all those in his life.” All of us who were fortunate enough to have opened that chest and peered into that heart of gold know the luck and loss of Gary’s life and death. We are not lost without him but we are lessened and his absence reminds us of our presence, and our ability to perhaps choose the higher and harder path. A path that wends through bursting wild flowers under towering pines, giving way to alpine creeks babbling over shining granite, leading up through cruxes towards a summit of acceptance and peace. A place of rejoicing with smiles, laughter and love. 📷 @jimmy_chin https://www.gofundme.com/2g5jqkk
PART II Gary Falk - A life in the mtns. He understood that life was as much about following hard and fast rules as it was about improvisation and intuition. Gary transformed those around him in positive and enduring ways. He was an authentic and effective mentor, born not only from the capacity to share his passion, skill sets and distinct life perspectives but as importantly in knowing who was committed to change, how they would need to apply it and when they were truly ready. He dared to care and dared further to engage, knowing that problem acknowledgment required solution application. Gary walked a line that was risky and chose a profession that had him unusually exposed to the grave effects of falling down. Gravity eventually took him away, within a matter of seconds. And yes, as Joan Baez powerfully suggested, we don’t get to choose how or when we die but we do get to choose how we live and Gary’s choice was in the mountains exchanging the power of the possible, which he distilled from the vulnerability of encountering one’s fears and the courage required to overcome them. When considering the significance of a person’s life upon their death, it is more than a summation of their kind and noble deeds. It is more than the lack of their love and grace from the world. It is that greater communal manner in which they continue to live within our actions and relationships, within our collective capacity to share and love with their joy and compassion. Gary discovered a higher calling and created a life in the mountains and consequently lived with an uncommon sharpness of body and mind, honed by the edge. When he spoke, we listened. When he led, we followed. 📷 @jimmy_chin
The sun sets on a single peak, on a singular person. What started with the sadness of learning of a friend's death last saturday July 23rd, transformed into writing of his life, a life of sharing in the mountains. It's a life I also live, as do many of my chosen family. Pls read below, which is in essence an obituary of Gary Falk from a climber's mind, in 3 parts/images. He was much more than a climber, being a husband and father, and in the link in my profile, if you are inclined pls donate to help fund their children's education as they grow. I first met Gary Falk when passing him and his climbing partner on the Free Blast section of the Salathé Wall. I was beginning a nine day ascent of the western face of El Capitan with Dean Potter, Ivo Ninov and my older brother Sean, a T12 paraplegic. It would be several years until I saw Gary again, in the parking lot of the Exum guide shack, within the wonderful confines of Grand Teton National Park. Gary was working with the esteemed Exum organization which brings their clients to touch the 13,770 ft top of the Grand Teton. On the day we reconnected he was stepping in to help lead an adaptive ascent with Paradox Sports, and their annual Veteran’s climb. The need to overcome physical and emotional obstacles when working with those missing limbs, eye sight and dealing with the powerful psychological effects of PTSD suited Gary incredibly well. All life adapts; it is not a measure unique to humans. But climbers, the people who practice intentional adaptation, who espouse “elective challenge” are noteworthy in the way that they make it hard on purpose. The idea is that when (not if) life is involuntarily difficult you will be better prepped to handle it. Gary was a master at demonstrating and explaining the above principle, he lived and taught it with pleasure and excellence. I strive to apply it now in the face of his recent death. Gary was a complex mixture of the gnarled rock and ice professional who extolled the no-nonsense right way to do it, but who also loved to laugh and joke. He thrived within the ordered world he made, yet also when immersed in the chaos of wilderness. END OF PART 1 📷 @jimmy_chin
Sometimes taking the stairs Brings the oddest stares Sometimes in search of the entrance I often become entranced Sometimes life's not what it seems Existence opening at the seams Perspective change from Ago, Filo E Nodo, #milano #urbanclimbing #buildering @patagonia_climb @patagoniamilano 📷 Mattia Antonietti
I am always trading in perspective. Often the most exposure to someone spotting me is when I am starting. The closer I am to the ground, the greater the likelihood of someone noticing my movement. The further I climb above the head-high sight line, the much less chance of detection. I find that hardly anyone looks up, if you're not a climber or bird watcher, or someone engaged with dimensional awareness, your eyes are generally on the ground. Which makes sense for walking and avoiding pitfalls but seems to somewhat prevent an awareness of the horizon, to clip the wings of dreaming. Always Look up, ⬆️ whether it's to someone you admire, or to contact and connect with an old friend or family member, or towards an elevated goal and a summit destination of a better happier you. #lookup #climbup #growup #nevergiveup #urbanclimbing #buildering #milano @patagoniamilano 📷 Mattia Antonietti
"A goodie of some oldies", exercising the funny muscles with #rickridgeway and #yvonchouinard during the making of #180South I am just retuning to #BoulderColorado after ten days in the EU, that started with a vertical choss-hike on the #Matterhorn w/ an #eyedocduo from @cureblindness Then a presentation of the good works of @paradoxsports and @nobarriers with Italians at @patagoniamilano and early a.m. #urbanaping then a talk with Germans at @patagoniamunich and a next day visit to #bavarianboothworld and sharing the #conservationsolutions of #EOCA to a final couple laps of Austrian whitewater, kayaking on the #Brandelberg a rain fed, boulder choked river canyon. Thanks to my friends and family @patagonia for the 15+ years of support 📷 @jimmy_chin
The plastic tubes of "Ago, Filo e Nodo" have a slick coating of engine-exhaust grime and on my third attempt I threaded the gap between the stainless steel needle and multi colored coil. I often consider the perspective of the sculpture and ascend to achieve the point of view of the observed. It is a de-anthropomorphized suspension of myself and common expectations. An early morning passenger exiting the train asked me, "Did you fly up there?" #whenhumansfly #lifeassculpture #urbanclimbing 📷 Mattia Antonietti