Timmy O'Neill

State Forest State Park, CO #figureonalandscape Life is Go forth Exalt Thanks @aaronlavanchy for the glorious tour, great ideas and @newbelgium beers. #soulvitamins 📷 @captainfunhog @lasportivana @ospreypacks @petzl_official @nativeeyewear @clifbarcompany @patagonia @amandasalzman
@captainfunhog on the final pitch of the magnificent Petite Grepon in @rockynps #coloradobackcountry alpine granite - some of the finest climbing on the planet. Faced with #deathbydehydration he chose #lifebyamputation @paradoxsports named for the #contraryYETtrue nature of freedom found by passing through the fire, of elevating the spirit by celebrating the partial body, of #definingyourownnormal. perspective on problem solving is supplied here and then #appliedwithin Props to the random dudes we passed on the approach to the base for a nice #outwardleanpose @patagonia_climb @lasportivana @petzl_official @ospreypacks @nativeeyewear @clifbarcompany
Looks like I picked a great day to fly a blind guy. #higherlearning above #coloradouniversity and its red tiled roofs. @erikweihenmayer and @charley.mace #oneyearago pretending to be #fleshkites about to be whipped off the #crenelatedsummitridge of the #fabulousfirstflatiron wind, stone and #blindclimbing @patagonia_climb @petzl_official @lasportivana @clifbarcompany @nativeeyewear @ospreypacks
So stoked to be a Yosemite National Park Centennial Ambassador in 2016. I love YNP and it remains a central connection to our wilderness and my wildness. I join @tommycaldwell @cedarwright @alexhonnold @_linacolina_ @conrad_anker @Ken Yager @renan_ozturk @bethrodden @hansflorine and many others who celebrate the legacy of climbing and conservation. Thanks YNP for honoring my life long dedication to extolling the goodness that is our national park system and my campaign on behalf of individuals visiting and adventuring within their borders, especially YNP. My stewardship of the park includes volunteering with the Yosemite Climbing Association @yageryca , sharing the walls and climbs with my family and friends, and supporting the work of organizations like @paradoxsports , as well as simply immersing myself in the endless vistas and adventures. I was twenty years old when I discovered this mind boggling, granite-walled valley, and it has continually lured me back every year. I recall that first time rolling into Yosemite National Park and forcibly jamming my head onto the bus window, attempting to make sense of a bewildering sea of granite, amongst the towering pine trees. I had arrived home. As a Yosemite Centennial Ambassador, my role will be supporting the park by sharing personal stories, images and passion for Yosemite to help inspire the next generation of park stewards and supporters. Image by friend and recipient of continual ribbing 📷 @jamesqmartin From the film 180 South with @jeffjohnson_beyondandback @thetorpedopeople @daveturner on the ledges below the Cyclops Eye 2007 Our dear friend @seanleary is in this photo, as we crossed paths during his free-ascent of El Niño. Miss you kind soul. @patagonia_climb @petzl_official @ospreypacks @clifbarcompany @nativeeyewear @lasportivana
Find the yellow dot. Yesterday's dusk scamper up the 1st Flattie. Ran into a random dude named Jed on the descent, who was taking in the view, and snapped a pic of some random dude soloing in the distance. #iamthatrandomdude 📷 @sys_call @ospreypacks @patagonia_climb @clifbarcompany @nativeeyewear @petzl_official @lasportivana @amandasalzman
#airbrushedtattoos #zebraheadband #manscara #eightiescoverband #cheetahwristbands #joymerchant #gsko2016 #equinix @lisathempel @lasportivana
#lookclose and you'll see @bennymrr lapping it up. This is Rapid #9 on the Zambezi River, 25,000cfs of H2O folding into an hydraulic black hole. Reality stretched and time melted to the constricted roar of 1.5 million pounds of water. Lonnie asked @ericjacksonkayak if he might guide him down #9. "Not today," was the best answer. #blindkayaking @jackson.kayak @kokatatusa @wernerpaddles @patagonia @ospreypacks @clifbarcompany @nativeeyewear @petzl_official @amandasalzman
Back into Colorado after a week+ with #familyoneill in Philly. Spending lots of time in art museums in the last ten days, an exhilarating and edifying expenditure. #verbalnumismatics Star gazing is arts gazing - to peer into the creative cosmos and feel simultaneously the significant beauty of the artists vision, vis-à-vis, the profound smallness amongst a vast interstellar canvas. I've always felt the answer to why we are here is best approximated by procreation. The pro-creative artist reproducing the act of living and the parental pro-genitor producing another being/artist. #toliveistoknow #theworldisyourcanvas and your decisions are the pallet. #gettopainting #stairwellattheWhitney #superindianFritzScholderattheDAM #roundlayersoftheGuggenheim @onesusan @zackelmerstandard
#lostandfound Almost completing another heliocentric revolution, and the days already beginning to lengthen. Back home in #bouldercolorado after a quick-hit journey down the Zambezi River. It runs along, more erupts between, Zambia to the north and Zambezi to the south. The wild part was the water, dozens of tumultuous cascades, alive with opportunities to epic/recirculate/swim but even more wild was paddling it with my friend Lonnie Bedwell, who is a 100% badass&blind man, the Stevie Wonder of whitewater kayaking. @ericjacksonkayak provided major #onmeleadership and @bennymrr was #workingthesafteyboatskillzsesh #riversareeartharteries I wanted to share a slice of my office - Green plants to recall life abundant. A museum of natural adventure history to fire future stoke : #pinecone #steelravenwing #compressorroutepitonCerroTorre #fossil #rustychain #foundobjects The #needforspeed ,that adrenalized risk-assessment #adhdtv serial, is assuaged by the birth of children and the death of contemporaries. For those dead - goodbye and for those conceived/born - fare ye well. #lifeisunderway #twentysixteenjourneys #yesiprocity
The view from 30,000 ft above the Grand Canyon belies simplicity. By the time you've sipped your gin&tonic, punched out a perfunctory work email, your sleek winged aluminum tube has left that distant earth-scar behind in a hazy contrail. But to go there and descend into this vast stone-strata-time-machine, carved for millennia, is to deeply connect to geology that is vast, complex and confounding. The terrain is alive and every footfall a small act of faith, "Will this boulder roll and throw me, will the same hold I just barely pulled on now support my body weight, will the slick unroped edge fold me down into nothingness?" What drives one to voluntary suffer, to be #pooronpurpose and board the elective shipwreck, the place of immediate rations and endless toil? Perhaps to rehearse "end times" is to prepare for them, in that if you choose hard now, you will know it's knock when it naturally arrives. I go to the Canyon to reveal moments of transcendence, the sinuous narrows like silhouettes of hips and breast, a landscape that unravels me as I travel deeper into it's intricacies and mostly it's to perform the requisites of life, that one breath, one sip, one bite amongst the rigors of wilderness, one step, one moment, one life, forever. 📷 by @republicofdoom #packrafting w/ @danny_gi0 and Doom. @patagonia @nativeeyewear @petzl_official @clifbarcompany @lasportivana @amandasalzman @alpacka_raft @kokatatusa
Being there with camera in hand, to capture people, place and purpose is parts skill, work and fate. This image, atop the Nose route on El Captain, with the late, great Dean Potter, after a faster, more frenetic #speedlap was taken by photographer, friend, father and #mountainman John Dickey. He is having a holiday print sale taking place on his site www.dickeyphoto.com Definitely check it out and framing is free through the holiday season. Use coupon code #HOLIDAY2015 for an additional 20% discount. 📷 @dickeyphoto
Do we start with a total number of foot steps and work our way to zero? Every foot fall counts, whether on uncommon ground or the daily commute - inhabit your shoes. #iamGEOlogical Walking inside sculpture with @dannygiovale 📷 by @republicofdoom
Sometimes life presents the oddest options...take 'em @amandasalzman #interpretingsculpture #dam #utterlydisruptive #cowtoed #bovineoverhang
@grandcanyonnps is #geologicaltimemachine The landscape is complex and monumental, every step is unique and #onyourtoes Layers of rock carved deep by millennial forces, a #dangerplayground for the #riskassessmentadventuresoul Rappelling further into Olo Canyon with @dannygiovale and @republicofdoom on day 6 of a canyoneering, pack-rafting, rock climbing, peak bagging journey that was a master class in #findingyourway across vast broken torturous terrain. #soulvitamins 📷 by #republicofdoom @patagonia_climb @ospreypacks @petzl_official @nativeeyewear @clifbarcompany @lasportivana @alpacka_rafts @kokatatusa @amandasalzman
#whatdoyouneedhelpwith #whodoyoulove Painted monster robots found on a wall as I rode my bike home from a #firstflatiron free-solo w/ @karlosdelrio yesterday late afternoon. These are questions that create community when answered. These are questions whose answers are lived. These are questions asked by #joybots anthropomorphs w/ benevolent rhetoric, seeking truth in human nature. Always finding newness in your hometown is to look at the same place with an imaginative eye. @amandasalzman @patagonia_climb @ospreypacks @petzl_official @clifbarcompany @nativeeyewear @lasportivana
@amandasalzman attentive to the rotational atmosphere of color&shape. If you listen close enough with a #playfulopenmind there exists a slight susurration as our #burningglobeofhydrogen slips into the ocean, it is the echo of today becoming the whisper of tomorrow. Tonight Oct-1st from 6pm-8:30pm at the @clifbarcompany theater I will be on-stage with @scottjurek talking about his #applachiantrailspeedrecord - 47-miles a day for 47-days. See my profile for @brownpapertickets and show info. @rainorshinedesign @ricardobalazs @bcolective @patagonia @newbelgium @nativeeyewear @ospreypacks @petzl_official @lasportivana #standingonabeachwithaphoneinmyhand #digitalcamus
I love #yosemitevalley It's where I cut my multi-pitch teeth, where I tore benighted flesh, and where I unsuccessfully attempted to take my fellow #currycompany employee/friends #dyingmasqueradingasclimbing twenty-five-years-ago. @epidoral & @audipenrose and I bathed in the glorious sunset below #elcapitan with the silhouettes of #lowerandmiddlecathedral equally stunned into eternal silence. This same morning I witnessed a #tawnycoyote grab hold of a #californiagroundsquirrel as a fellow #touristgawker plaintively cried out, "No stop, don't, let it go...oh no...ok...I forgive you." This furry quadruped, omnivorous and unfazed, stood feeding on it's wild raw breakfast. #firstthehead disappeared, then the body in three bites, and finally the tail, twitching twixt teeth, fell to the ground as the #ravenscircledabove The cycle of life has no truck with apologies and it's only promise may be the #jawsofthecoyote #sunsetforthegroundsquirrel #facelift @newbelgium @patagonia_climb @ospreypacks @nativeeyewear @petzl_official @clifbarcompany @lasportivana @amandasalzman #yesterdayslightshow
I am #fivedaysintohighlineschool @uknowdamon on the #blondeaudacitytour putting in the #slackrifice The #mentalaspect of highlining is like taking your mind to a different #countryandculture The phrase #likeawalkinthepark must apply to the #riskassessmentdangerpark modality. Each time I stand up #atopthelign I rise in #spiritualcapital Sky and Earth become the #barometricbookends of my existence. #checkyourpressue #loveismypressuregauge @amandasalzman @patagonia_climb @ospreypacks @nativeeyewear @petzl_official @clifbarcompany @lasportivana #walkthetalk #walkthesky #walkthisguy
Of all the stages I walk on, perhaps the most fraught is the highline. Thanks to @slacklarsen and @slacklinejosh and the tremendously positive energetic and talented #crewofhighliners in the #coloradofrontrange I spent three days this week going to highline school providing a #poundofbruise 1st a #politcalbowl space-net, tri-axel #weirdmotion Then a #ClearCreekriverline sub-80 & today a sub-60 in dream canyon #slackrifice #slacklife @awesomeandylewis @scottyrog @patagonia_climb @nativeeyewear @petzl_official @lasportivana @ospreypacks @clifbarcompany #thehardestthingitrytodoishighlineperiod
Pitch 18 - crux pockets and #seeingfortwo as the #coldsteamshower briefly opens. Is blindness nothing more than the absence of sight? Can it also be new language, a stronger auditory connection, a greater demand for creativity and imagination? It is not what's gone that is useful but what remains. @erikweihenmayer in blue, a kayaker, skier, climber, father and friend who is #onehundredpercentblind completed his @nobarriersusa 2015 pledge, to climb the 20-pitch 5.10+ south face of the Marmolada formation, via the Don Quixote route. #brailleclimbing demands you remember your hands as they soon become your feet. To see the void you must listen to it, to hear the void you must enter it, to go into the void you must not avoid it. #yesiprocity The pocketed nature of the limestone obscured the holds as I climbed above them, forestalling my ability to assist Erik in connecting the dots. To direct oneself or another to a hidden recess is to employ a blind compass, is to utilize #quantumnavigation Photo 📷 #dolomiteMostroSacro Manrico Dell'Agnola The #italiandolomites are my new #telluridemeetsyosemitemeetsgrandcanyon The culture of mtn, man and mystery is profound and the food and wine is #tutoaposto @rob_pizem @patagonia_climb @ospreypacks @petzl_official @clifbarcompany @nativeeyewear @amandasalzman