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Hi Osprey fans! Thanks for following along my takeover of their feed! I'll leave you with some thoughts on the challenges from our trip. One of my biggest physical and mental challenges was hiking in Torres Del Paine with my sister. Though we’re different from each other, our passion for #nature and travel bring us closer together. We supported each other during the toughest moments and shared a knowing smile while contemplating the landscape. Hiking through Patagonia with one of the most important people in my life, has made this an unforgettable experience. 📷: @lydianeautourdumonde | #ospreypacks Un de mes plus gros challenge physique et mental a été ma randonnée à Torres Del Paine, réalisée avec ma sœur. C’est aussi un défi en soi, car nous sommes différentes l’une de l’autre, mais cette passion de la nature et du voyage nous rapproche énormément. Nous avons su nous épauler dans les moments les plus durs et partager un sourire complice en contemplant la beauté du paysage. Faire cette randonnée en Patagonie avec une des personnes les plus importantes à mes yeux a rendu cette expérience absolument mémorable.
Hi Osprey fans! I'm back for the final day of my takeover. Exploring Torres Del Paine National Park was a challenge for my sister and I. It was our first multiday unsupported and unguided backpacking trip. Patagonia was gorgeous from day one to the end and we quickly forgot our tired legs and the 20 kilos on our backs, to focus on its stunning beauty and take a ton of pictures! We are the living proof that it’s possible to hike Torres Del Paine carrying half our body weight, but only if you have the best pack! #Ospreyforlife | 📷: @lydianeautourdumonde | #ospreypacks Explorer le parc National Torres Del Paine représentait un grand défi pour ma soeur et moi. En effet, nous n’avions jamais fait de longues randonnées en autonomie complète et sans guide. Heureusement, la Patagonie est splendide du début jusqu’à la fin et nous avons vite fait d’oublier nos douleurs dans les jambes et nos 20 kilos sur le dos, pour nous concentrer uniquement sur la beauté du paysage et bien sûr prendre beaucoup de photos! Finalement, nous sommes la preuve vivante qu’il est possible de faire Torres Del Paine en transportant la moitié de notre poids sur notre dos à condition d’avoir le meilleur sac, rien de moins! #ospreyforlife
Hi Osprey fans - back for more on day 2 of my takeover! At this time of year in Patagonia, it’s common to experience 4 seasons in one day. You have to be ready for the unexpected, be courageous and well equipped. So why visit now? Torres Del Paine is suffering from its fame, with 200,000 visitors per year, mainly between November and February, causing traffic on the trails! You must be patient! In April, you can skip the crowds and enjoy more of what nature has to offer!! | 📷: @lydianeautourdumonde | #ospreypacks À cette période de l’année en Patagonie, il est possible de rencontrer les 4 saisons en une seule journée. Il faut donc être prêt à toute éventualité, s’armer de courage et être très bien équipé. Alors pourquoi choisir de s’y rendre maintenant? Torres Del Paine étant victime de sa renommée, le parc reçoit près de 200 000 visiteurs par année principalement entre novembre et février, ce qui cause des bouchons de circulation dans les sentiers! Il faut donc être patient! Choisir le mois d’avril, nous permettait d'éviter les foules afin de mieux profiter des bienfaits de la nature!!
Hi Osprey fans - Lydiane here back for day 2 of my takeover! I just came back from an extraordinary trip in Patagonia with my sister. We discovered Torres Del Paine National Park where we did a 6 day unsupported trek. We were fascinated by its landscapes: snow-capped #mountains, glaciers, the turquoise waters of its lakes and its arid plains are engraved in our memories and our hearts. | 📷: @lydianeautourdumonde | #ospreypacks Je viens tout juste de revenir d’un voyage extraordinaire en Patagonie avec ma soeur. Nous avons découvert le Parc National Torres Del Paine où nous avons eu la chance de faire une expédition en autonomie complète d’une durée de 6 jours. Ce parc nous a fascinées par ses paysages absolument grandioses: ses montagnes enneigées, ses glaciers, ses lacs d’eau turquoise, ses plaines arides sont gravés dans notre mémoire et notre coeur.
More from Lydiane on Day 1 of her takeover! I love #nature - it’s where I draw my energy from and where I reconnect with myself. It’s where I can find inner peace, far from technology. When I travel, I love to explore mountains, forests and lakes in order to observe the natural beauty and to appreciate the subtleties of another country. | 📷: @lydianeautourdumonde | #ospreypacks Je suis une grande amoureuse de la nature, c’est là que je puise mes énergies et que j’ai l’impression de me reconnecter avec moi-même, de retrouver un calme et une paix intérieure loin des technologies. Quand je voyage, j’aime me retrouver en montagne, dans une forêt, près d’un lac, à observer la beauté de la nature et à apprécier ses subtilités d’un pays à l’autre.
Hello Osprey Fans, I’m Lydiane St-Onge, world lover and #traveler! 3.5 years ago, I quit my job as a realtor, sold my house, my luxurious car and everything I owned to leave my dream: explore the globe with no time limits. I invite you to follow along as I takeover the #ospreypacks account for the next 3 days! I look forward to meeting you at the turn of one of your trips somewhere on our beautiful planet. | 📷: @lydianeautourdumonde Bonjour à toute la communauté Osprey! Je me présente, Lydiane St-Onge, amoureuse du monde et des voyages! Il y a 3 ans et demi, j’ai quitté mon travail de courtière immobilière, ma maison, ma voiture de luxe et vendu tout ce que je possédais afin de me consacrer pleinement à mon plus grand rêve: celui d’explorer notre planète sans limite de temps. Je vous invite à me suivre dans mes aventures sur Facebook et Instagram: @lydianeautourdumonde
Thankful to the #outdoors for a continual sense of perspective. 📷: @teresalarson.pnw #OspreyPacks
For Chad Brown fly fishing is more than a passion, it’s a path to healing. In the rich waters of the Owyhee, he reflects on how the outdoors have shaped his life, and what he is doing to positively impact the lives of others. Watch the final short film in this series here: bit.ly/wildowyhee-flyfishing | Special thanks to @ibexwool and @keen | 📷: @ibexdude | #ospreypacks
"Fear not, therefore, to try the #mountain passes." -#JohnMuir photo: @anastasiahrivnak/@natehrivnakand #OspreyPacks
Happy first-ever #ColoradoPublicLands Day! This new state holiday is intended to encourage Coloradans to get outside and enjoy our unparalleled wild places. #OspreyPacks recognizes the importance of #PublicLands now more than ever. Learn more: copubliclandsday.com Tomorrow 5/21 we're continuing the celebration with @elephantrevival's performance at #RedRocksAmphitheatre. @ConservationColorado and #Wilderness Restoration Volunteers will be addressing the crowd providing opportunities to get involved in the protection of our public lands. photo: @dan_holz
Standing up for #BearsEars National Monument takes just moments & is crucial to help protect this unparalleled place. Please join #OspreyPacks in raising your voice by 5/26 at: monumentsforall.org photo: Tim Peterson
You have 8 days left to make a difference. Speak up now for #BearsEars National Monument! Home to scientific wonders, irreplaceable wildlife & biodiversity, & recreational opportunities that form a vital base to the local economy, #BearsEarsNationalMonument is a sacred landscape & its boundaries are in danger. Please join #OspreyPacks in submitting your comments in defense of this incredible place by 5/26: monumentsforall.org | 📷: Josh Ewing @bluffoto
A dramatic backdrop of sandstone canyons, desert mesas, forested highlands, and the area's namesake twin buttes. Ancient cliff dwellings, ceremonial kivas, and countless other artifacts. #BearsEars National Monument is extraordinary, irreplaceable, and endangered. Join #OspreyPacks in speaking up today on behalf of this remarkable place monumentsforall.org 📷: @Ancient_sky
"#Exploring the world is one the best ways of exploring the mind, and walking travels both terrains." -#RebeccaSolnit 📷: @liz_e_bee_wild | #OspreyPacks
“I think I underestimated the vastness of the Owyhee. I had read about how it was millions of acres but then to actually see those millions of acres is astounding. I definitely realize that there are many user groups that are invested in the future of this incredible place, but I think it’s important to remember that if we change the Owyhee, we’re never going to get it back. The Owyhee is not tame and that’s why I like it.” - Julia H. Wild. Vast. Astounding. Experience the Owyhee through the eyes of first-time visitor Julia Heemstra and learn what it is about this incredible place that conjures up such strong feelings, and why it’s important that we protect it. Watch the fourth full fim in the series here: bit.ly/wildowyhee-newvisitor | Special thanks to @ibexwool and @keen | 📷: @dan.holz | #ospreypacks
Nature and nurture. Happy Mother's Day from #OspreyPacks 📷: @alynicklas / @bornwildproject
#Hiking through #TorresDelPaine National Park under sunny, bright blue skies. 📷: @thenoonclub | #OspreyPacks
"We were surprised from the very beginning about how wild the terrain was and how remote. When you first get out here, you are struck by how quiet it is when you stop and at night how dark it can get and how bright the stars get. It’s getting harder and harder to find those spots where it’s dark, it’s quite, it’s untouched. I think it’s important that people know these places still exist - they’re out here and they’re for everybody and we as a society still value that.” There’s a reason why “wild” is the most commonly used word to describe the Owyhee; you can tell by the way that it is. Join #trailrunner @jerememonteau as he rediscovers the #Owyhee Canyonlands and why protecting these places should matter to everyone. Watch the full film here: bit.ly/wildowyhee-trailrunning | Special thanks to @ibexwool and @keen | 📷: @dan.holz | #OspreyPacks
"#Traveling…forces you to trust. You are constantly off balance. Nothing is yours except the essential things – air, sleep, dreams, the sea, the sky.” -Cesare Pavese 📷: #OspreyPacks' own @dan.holz
Our one-word response to the fully-featured, innovative Aether AG 70 winning @outsidemagazine's 2017 #GearOfTheYear? Honored. [bit.ly/OspreyAetherArielAG]