Steph Davis

Osprey Sponsored Athlete, climber,
base jumper and wingsuit flyer
wild windy very cold day skate skiing in the Lasals with the little jackal...there might be something more awesome than this but I don't know what it is ☺️ @zukespets @kavu @mammutna @backcountry #busylivin
Happy weekend! #cajun @kavu @backcountry @zukespets @mammutna #busylivin
in case you start to wonder if there's magic in the world, you just need to watch the cliffs at sunset 🌅 Ian closing down the crag at Abraxas 🙏🏻 @kavu @cw_hemp @msr_gear #goatworthy #teamstampy #busylivin #garminathlete #teamevolv
purple sheep friend jumped into the grocery basket at City Market...I think he is regretting his decision #badlifechoices @zukespets @ospreypacks
the first mile up is always in yer face on Geyser Pass and it's always tracked out by snowmobiles and snowshoes which is tough on the skate skiers....but I have a rule not to make any decisions until the Gold Basin turnoff because I often arrive there to find perfect corduroy 🤣 Alas, there was no grooming today but on the bright side I've finally figured out the right temperature wax for my skis and I had perfect glide even through the choppy snow, and Cajun and i also had the whole place to ourselves for some reason. No day is a bad day in the lasals! #skateski #busylivin @kavu @backcountry @mammutna @garminoutdoor
hiding from the wind in Day Canyon 💨@evolv @backcountry @garminoutdoor
beautiful morning, a couple hours of perfect between storms this week ☺️ @garminoutdoor @kavu
the Crown 👑 @garminoutdoor @evolvusa @backcountry
Today I met Carlos and Jamie, inventors of "Hangdogs" who are roadtripping from the Valley, and they gave me a pair of their awesome invention--it's a super ingenious little bungee system that goes from your ankle to your climbing shoe so you don't lose your shoes on long climbs when you slip them off your heels. These guys are great: check them out at 👍🏻👏🏻😇 @outercoreclimbing
Yes we all show up at the boulders perfectly color coordinated to each other...what are the chances!? (Hint: less than 100% but more than 99%) 🐯😽🤣 @mammutna @evolvusa @kavu @backcountry
big bend circuit on a @kavu day 🌞#moablife @evolvusa
Love is the one thing that has a beginning but has no end. Thanks to my friends at @zukespets for sending Cajun a little valentines treat, and for encouraging me to share a story about love today (link is on my profile too). Lots of love ❤️💜💗
My good friends Larry and Slack getting busy with some porch staining 🎉 because you can't climb ALL the time #moablife @backcountry @cw_hemp
Lisa and Ginger, hanging outside the woody #moablife @mammutna @ospreypacks @backcountry
if this is how the rest of winter is going to be, that's ok by me: nice warm cloudy day today. I missed my cliffs! 🌎💙 @garminoutdoor @cw_hemp @kavu
from east to west, home's the best 💜 @mammutna @ospreypacks @zukespets @kavu
got stuck in Atlanta last night but made it to Salt Lake today to meet my NEW BABY DOG NEPHEW! #i.die. #toshi @zukespets
bye bye Chulilla! ✈️ @ospreypacks @backcountry @evolvusa
I kind of can't believe tomorrow is our last day in Spain, but I'm so excited to get home to moab and the animals!!! ❤🐶😻#cajun #mao #paradise @zukespets @backcountry @cw_hemp
el cap free in a day for me was about strategy: climbing most of the route on the dark so it would be cool enough. I had a great time in Scotland and presenting at the Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival--an incredibly beautiful, historic and welcoming city, and a castle that is beyond belief 🏰 @evolvusa @mammutna @kavu