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“I urge you to #travel – as far and as widely as possible.” #AnthonyBourdain 📷: @travelamazingplaces #OspreyPacks #CommonPath
“I roam the woods that crown the upland, where the mingled splendors glow” #WilliamCullenBryant 📷: @outdoorsy_val #OspreyPacks
Whether during the long climb or at the summit, we find ourselves on a #CommonPath— expanding our view each step of the way. 📷: @_wild_hiker_ #OspreyPacks
"We live on the edge of the miraculous every minute of our lives." #HenryMiller 📷: @zenazy @pairary #OspreyPacks #CommonPath
"The mountains are my bones, the rivers my veins. The forests are my thoughts and the stars are my dreams. The ocean is my heart, its pounding is my pulse. The songs of the earth write the music of my soul." | 📷: @luckyalexandra | #ospreypacks #wilderness
"How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days." #JohnBurroughs 📷: @amira.silverman #OspreyPacks #CommonPath
"Now more than ever do I realize that I will never be content with a sedentary life, that I will always be haunted by thoughts of a sun-drenched elsewhere." - Isabelle Eberhardt | 📷: @littlemisshayleigh | #ospreypacks #commonpath
"Walking is the best possible exercise. Habituate yourself to walk very far." #ThomasJefferson 📷: @jess_hikingaround @mammap_trekking #OspreyPacks
"I will take the sun in my mouth & leap into the ripe air. Alive with closed eyes to dash against darkness." #eecummings 📷: @nejajesenko #OspreyPacks
"Nature, for me, is…raw & dangerous & difficult…& unnerving…but, at the same time, very beautiful." #AndyGoldsworthy 📷: @sandervdw | #OspreyPacks
"My heart's in the Highlands, my heart is not here…My heart's in the #Highlands, wherever I go." #RobertBurns 📷: @mike_unleashedd | #OspreyPacks
"No matter where we are in the park, no matter what we are doing and how isolated or alone we may feel, we can’t forget that there were generations who came before us. Skiers, climbers, explorers and yes, tourists, that made lands such as Rocky Mountain National Park possible. Without the combined efforts of these doers and believers, we wouldn’t have such an expansive area to call our backyard. The wilderness which serves as the foundation for our project was inherited from those before us and there’s a lot to be said for that. Our situation is a bit different though."- Austin Porzak of @ski.rmnp We are so excited to be part of this project with @aporzak1 and @dansohner! Learn more about the SkiRMNP origin story on our blog and check back for monthly updates! | 📷: @j_chazrich + @couloir_studios
Take action now to protect our #nationalmonuments: Since President Teddy Roosevelt signed the #AntiquitiesAct in 1906, many of our most cherished #nationalparks were originally protected by this important law. But Utah Rep. Rob Bishop is still set on undermining this bipartisan #conservation legacy with a “No New Parks” bill (HR 3990) that is now being fast tracked through Congress. Americans love our #publiclands and oceans, and it’s time again to stand together in defense of our national heritage. Please take action to speak out against this bill. Visit bit.ly/HR3990NO (case-sensitive) for the complete list of phone numbers for the congress members on the House Natural Resource Committee. Let them know you oppose HR 3990 and want a future with #MonumentsForAll.
Moving onward, headed forward — every #hike, outing & trek takes us farther along the #CommonPath. 📷: @adventurejenna @zachgolay #OspreyPacks
"My voice is born repeatedly in the fields of uncertainty." #TerryTempestWilliams 📷: @thesoulactivist #OspreyPacks
Weekend wandering through fall foliage. 📷: @userwiththatnamealreadyexists @chasing_trail_ #OspreyPacks
"This is the grass that grows wherever the land is & the water is, this the common air that bathes the globe." #WaltWhitman 📷: @canskimom
We recently passed a pretty big milestone: 300,000 Instagram followers. From all of us at #OspreyPacks to every single one of you who has shared a hike, ride, run, trek, climb or journey with us we just want to say: "Thank you." To celebrate our community of 300k adventurers, seekers and wanderers, we're giving away enough Osprey gear to carry 300L of your essentials. To see a list of all the gear we're giving away, see a complete list of rules and enter this #giveaway, please visit bit.ly/300K-Giveaway (case sensitive) 📷: @spence.meets.world
“I love to watch the fine mist of the night come on, The windows and the stars illumined, one by one" #CharlesBaudelaire 📷: @jenfhare #OspreyPacks
"Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons." -Jim Bishop 📷: @mountainbait #OspreyPacks #CommonPath