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4 All Outdoors Reviews the Orb Day Pack – March 17, 2010

The Orb is part of a family of packs being offered by Osprey in 2010, called the 24/7 series. These packs can be used in the office and for playing after work. I will be sharing all the things I’m discovering about this attractive new pack.

This is a 12 L pack with almost all the adjustments and features you might find in a full sized backpack. The Orb features a semi rigid frame. The approximate measurements of the pack are are 12 in by 18 in. The shoulder straps are padded and have reflective material on them. These straps also have a breast strap that is adjustable horizontally and well as vertically. The waist belt is detachable and is about 3/4 inch wide.

The padding on the parts that touch my body are covered with a mesh cloth, it appears that may work well for ventilation. The pack has a double tabbed main zipper located at the top of the pack. A second single tabbed zipper opens a smaller pouch at the top of the pack. The zippers have a large loop attached to each tab making it easy to adjust the zippers while wearing gloves. This pouch contains a plastic snap hook for attaching a key ring, 2 small mesh pockets and a place to store pens or similar devices. The larger zippered area contains 2 sleeve pockets. The larger one can accommodate a 3 L Platypus hydration system with a dual port to the outside of the pack. This sleeve appears to be waterproof in case there is leakage from the bladder. This could help to keep the rest of the pack dry. I put my 13 in laptop in this sleeve when I was not carrying water there. The other sleeve is shorter and not as wide and is probably best for a pad of paper or something thin. There is a small mesh pocket at the top of the bag in which a cell phone or iPod could easily fit. There is another-zippered mesh pocket inside the main compartment. This pouch is tapered and is about 9 inches at the top and tapers down to about 5.5 inches at the bottom. The depth is about 5.5 inches. For a small bag it has ample compartments for good organization

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