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Poco Safety Notices – Featuring Viper 9 – June 12, 2013

As spring and summer start to heat up and many of us start to get into the thick of longer adventures, it becomes ever so important to make sure you have the right gear. While you’ve been trying to figure out what to buy, our testers been have been busy testing out the Osprey Viper 9 hydration pack over the past few months in activities including mountain biking, trail running, and hiking.

On the Osprey website, it says the Viper 9 is best suited for activities between 1.5 and 3 hours which is definitely the sweet spot for this pack, but our testers also felt this pack was more than adequate for longer and shorter adventures making this pack great for riding, running, hiking, etc. between 1-4 hours depending on terrain and weather conditions.

A disadvantage to participating in most activities in Colorado is that the air doesn’t have a lot of moisture in it which requires you to hydrate more often so you stay properly hydrated and able to perform at your best. That said, staying hydrated is a definite focal point for our testers and can be just as important as a pair of running shoes or a bike.

The Osprey Viper 9 hydration pack is bike specific, which means you’ll find bike specific features such as a helmet strap which Osprey calls a Lidlock. And while these features make for a great mountain biking hydration pack, the pack also works very well for trail running and hiking. To start, the Viper 9 comes with an easy access Osprey hydration reservoir. This makes it easy to fill, refill, and slide back into your pack. The main feature that sets this reservoir apart from others on the market is that it has a semi hard plastic sheet on the back allowing it to slide in and out of the pack.

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