– Featuring Xena 70 – July 9, 2013 – Osprey Packs Press
Poco Safety Notices – Featuring Xena 70 – July 9, 2013

Function usually trumps features in the world of backpacks, but the bells and whistles on Osprey’s Xena 70L are just too good to pass up. The 70 Liter capacity fit was more than enough to include a little luxury for our tester, who took this pack trekking on the Lost Coast in Northern California for more than a week. The pack allowed enough storage to include a ukulele and a frying pan, both easily strapped or bungeed to the outside of the pack. Even while carrying 50-60 lbs., this backpack made our tester feel like a furry Koala was hugging her hips. The BioformCM waist belt forms to the user’s contours, creating unexpected comfort. The Osprey Xena 70L has ample bells and whistles, including bungee tie-offs on the sides, buckled straps all over, and an exterior water bladder pocket for those who wait until the last minute to hydrate. As a long distance, large capacity backpack, the Xena 70 is a solid performer with enough luxury to avoid having to leave the comforts of home at the trailhead. The design of the Xena left no bruising and little stiffness, but the fit can easily be adjusted by using the Bioform, gender-specific harness that adapts to the user’s body type.

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