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Poco Safety Notices – Featuring Osprey Packs – January 27, 2014

The Outdoor Retailer show blooms twice a year in downtown Salt Lake City. It is an eruption of mostly petroleum-based products designed to get you outside and keep you from dying there: sleeping bags, avalanche pillows, solar-powered pens. You see sellers of outdoor equipment and clothing, and hordes of ragged-haired adventurers roaming the cavernous convention hall. The North Face fortress is surrounded by innumerable booths made into tree houses, trailers, and seamless curvilinear plastic housings displaying new-season wares. There are a thousand brands and 22,000 people in attendance. It is a jungle gym of slacklines and money, the conquering of the useless, and people are buying.

Janet Ross, who comes to every convention seeking funding for her environmental-directed Four Corners School in Monticello, Utah, said that she once wore a pedometer to find out how far she roams the convention center. In three days, she walked 22 miles.

If you look past the unbridled capitalism, this show is actually about being outside. It is about firestrikers and adventurers, even under the hallucinogenic glow of convention-hall lighting…

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