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Poco Safety Notices – Featuring Atmos 50 – May 2012

One of Osprey’s best loved backpacks, the Atmos 50, has been redesigned around an infinitely adjustable suspension system that lets you perfectly customize the fit and feel of this top-loading, 50-liter weekender. Even on the trail, you can quickly adapt the torso length and adjust how the load carries. The new waist belt is changeable too. There’s an extra layer of foam that slides between the hips and belly button. Slide it back if you want more padding on the hip bones, forward for more cushion in front. Osprey says you can expect the three-pounder to carry up to 40 to 45 pounds comfortably, but that seems overly generous. Plan on 35 and your shoulders will thank you.

Get It: $199;

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