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AHipBelieves.com – Featuring Talon Series – March 22, 2012

One of Osprey’s most popular series for good reason, the Osprey Talon series of backpacks and lumbar packs is great looking and truly multifunctional. If you are considering purchasing one, reading reviews of the pack by users can be a great way to find out its pros and cons. The purpose of this article is to condense the main points of dozens of reviews into one place. That way you don’t have to spend your time reading them all. Hopefully it is helpful in your backpack search.

A quick overview of reviews of the Talon packs shows that the 22, 33, and 44 liter packs are the most popular in the series. These three packs share features such as a sleek and hip design, light weight, ventilation, and pocket configuration. In addition, they can all be used for several activities and are ideal for expert climbers and hikers, for everyday use and everything in between. In general, reviews are excellent for all three packs.

Let’s begin with the Talon 22. This pack is a panel loading pack with one main compartment. It features a helmet attachment point and is very light, only 1 pound 12 ounces. It has an external hydration compartment, which is one of the features reviewers found most useful. It preclude your having to take anything out of the bag to refill, and there is no danger of the contents of your bag getting wet. Other users found the material to be high-quality both in feel and in wear.

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