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Gorp.com – Featuring Portal, Radial, Spin, Reverb and Kode Series – February 2013

February 15, 2013

“The Internet of Things” was a big, buzzy phrase at last year’s CES, as online accessibility continues to become part of our daily lives. And while the outdoor industry probably won’t ever go full-cyborg on us, we have seen some smart tech-centric products over the last few years, from avalanche airbag backpacks and outdoor-focused apps to smartphone cases with batteries and high-def videos of…everything. And in fall 2013, Osprey’s Portal line of packs (pictured) will continue this trend, targeting traveler and touch screen-dependent subway riders. The seven packs, like the Tech Commute, will have touch screen-friendly see-through windows and padded sleeves for tablets and smart phones, in both messenger bag and backpack styles, starting at $99.

They’re also making packs for the more active commuter (read: the cyclists, runners, and in-line skaters—hey, we see one in DC every once in a while!). Designs like the Radial ($159) and the Spin ($139) will have a nicely vented back panel, a padded laptop sleeve, an integrated rain fly, and bike-friendly features like a dedicated U-lock pocket.

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SNEWSNet.com – Featuring Portal Series – February 11, 2013

February 11, 2013

Get a visual sense what was new and trending at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2013. Check out 41 new products our editors found on Day 1 at the trade show. And for more indepth coverage of product categories and trends, be sure to catch all our Outdoor Retailer coverage rolling out on SNEWS throughout February. (…)

OSPREY PACKS’ Portal Series allows easy access to and interaction with laptops, tablets and smartphones. The Nano Port features an ingenious FlipSlide window for instant tablet use without removing it from the pack.

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