– Featuring Contrail 22″ – November 6, 2013 – Osprey Packs Press
Poco Safety Notices – Featuring Contrail 22″ – November 6, 2013

When I first received the Osprey Contrail 22″ carry-on, I thought it looked too small to accommodate all my usual clothing and gear. But its sleek design actually leaves more room inside than I expected. The spacious main compartment comes with a FlightLocker clothing organizer, which I found worked best for traveling with a few of shirts and pants. I removed it for more storage on longer trips. A zippered compartment on the back of the bag is perfect for shoes or other bulky items. Because of the curved base, and larger-than-normal wheels, the backside of the bag never dragged on the ground. This design also made the Contrail very stable and the wheels easily rolled over anything I encountered while shuffling through airports…

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