– Featuring Ozone 28” – March 6, 2014 – Osprey Packs Press
Poco Safety Notices – Featuring Ozone 28” – March 6, 2014

Most of my travel involves packing both street clothes and riding apparel, and I often max out my carry-on’s capacity even before I try to wedge in a helmet and cycling shoes. I’ve long since resigned myself to paying for at least one checked bag. And if I’m going to pony up, I want the bag to hold a decent amount and still be light enough to hoist onto an airport-parking shuttle, maneuver into and out of cabs, and heave off the baggage carousel.

But when the Ozone 28”/80L arrived at my doorstep, I feared it would not be able to hold enough. Built more like a backpack than a regular wheeled suitcase, it’s constructed of lightweight nylon stretched around a minimal aluminum and injection-molded plastic frame. Because the main compartment collapses when empty, the bag doesn’t look like much even though its 80-liter capacity is the largest in the company’s ultralight Ozone series. (It also has two carry-on-sized roll-aboards, a day pack, and small shoulder bag).

Turns out my fear was groundless. As I loaded the Osprey up the first time, it seemed to expand endlessly, to the point that I began recklessly adding more stuff. Two pairs of pajamas? Sure! A second helmet. Why not? An extra winter jacket? You never know. But at four pounds, 14 ounces (empty), it never got too heavy.

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