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Poco Safety Notices – Featuring Escapist 32 – July 7, 2015

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July 7, 2015

Hydration packs have come a long way since 1988, the year that a young EMT named Michael Eidson invented the CamelBak by stuffing a pilfered IV bag into a tube sock and safety-pinning it to his back during a century ride. But while hydration packs are ubiquitous today, anyone who has ever attempted a a multi-day mountain bike trip can attest to their main shortcoming: most of them are too damn small. You can’t, however, say that about Osprey’s Escapist 32, which boasts a load range of 15 to 30 pounds.

The Escapist 32 is designed with mountain bikers in mind and if bikepacking isn’t your thing, it also makes for a great day hiking pack…

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Download PDF – Featuring Osprey Packs – January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

The Outdoor Retailer show blooms twice a year in downtown Salt Lake City. It is an eruption of mostly petroleum-based products designed to get you outside and keep you from dying there: sleeping bags, avalanche pillows, solar-powered pens. You see sellers of outdoor equipment and clothing, and hordes of ragged-haired adventurers roaming the cavernous convention hall. The North Face fortress is surrounded by innumerable booths made into tree houses, trailers, and seamless curvilinear plastic housings displaying new-season wares. There are a thousand brands and 22,000 people in attendance. It is a jungle gym of slacklines and money, the conquering of the useless, and people are buying.

Janet Ross, who comes to every convention seeking funding for her environmental-directed Four Corners School in Monticello, Utah, said that she once wore a pedometer to find out how far she roams the convention center. In three days, she walked 22 miles.

If you look past the unbridled capitalism, this show is actually about being outside. It is about firestrikers and adventurers, even under the hallucinogenic glow of convention-hall lighting…

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Adventure Journal – Featuring Osprey’s Zealot Biking Packs – August 4th, 2011

August 24, 2011

For spring 2012, Osprey is pushing harder into the gravity realm, as well as into adventure biking. For the former there’s the Zealot series of freeride packs, with the 16 and the 10. Both have anchors/sleeves for a full-face/body armor while maintaining access to side- and top pockets as well as the heart of the pack. The entire back panel clamshells open, with your pads or body armor or jacket still attached to the outside, so you can gain access to the center without removal of all that gear. Another clever addition is a removable, roll-out tool pouch that gets its own pocket at the base of the pack.

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Download PDF – Featuring Kestrel 48 – June 30, 2011

July 13, 2011

Features: We think someone in special ops designs Osprey’s packs — their organizational setup is incomparable. With the Kestrel 48 there are dual side zip compartments, a large central hold that has access at both the top and bottom, a gusseted lid with three zippered compartments, and dual tie-on points for sleeping pads. In fact the central back tie-off could easily be used for skis or snowshoes instead, but the same straps that let you anchor something big to the back of the pack will also unclip and loop around both sides of the pack and latch on tent poles. Climbers will dig the addition of dual gear loops and myriad daisy chains.

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Download PDF – Featuring Variant 52 – March 11, 2011

March 17, 2011

Gear Review: Osprey Variant 52 Backpack

The most I’ve ever hoped from a backpack is to not ache at the end of each day hauling to the next campsite. I get a lot more ups out of the journey, but the hauling part is never what I live for. And if you live for hauling then you’re way more man or woman than I am. Respect.

This ode, though, is for a backpack that’s actually comfortable — and comfortable whether light or jammed beyond the norm. I overloaded the Variant 52 more than once (recommended weight is a little over 50 pounds and I went on the heavier side) and it remained stable whether I was on foot or snowshoes, skinning like a slug uphill on skis or bombing down.

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Download PDF features The Raptor 14 – November 12, 2010

December 1, 2010

There is nothing like the freedom of cycling. The grin that grows on a kid’s face when the training wheels come off never fades, whether you’re five or 50. And then there’s the gear: Cyclists are as geeky as iPhone zealots, with tribes and sub-tribes facing off to debate the tech. But regardless of frame or wheel size or style, here are four items any cyclist would find as welcome as their first Rock Hopper.

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