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May 25, 2011

Need to haul some gear?  Then the Osprey 95 liter Transporter Duffle Bag is your bag.  It’s all about hauling lots and lots of gear; a bottomless pit to get all of your gear and the kitchen sink to wherever your destination is located.  It’s tough, durable, built with an integrated shoulder straps system, and light enough to not take all one’s precious weight limit when traveling overseas for climbs and expeditions. At 95 liters, 5700 cubic inches, this expedition duffle is large.  The built in shoulder straps are good for carrying the duffle short distances.  There is a built in top pocket for small items, if the shoulder straps are not in use the pockets they reside in can also be used to store small items.  At 2 lbs, 5 oz it’s durable enough to last expedition after expedition in great shape, yet light enough to let the climber fill it with 47.5 lbs of gear when flying to climbing trips around the world.

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