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ElevationOutdoors.com – Featuring Escapist 32 – April 22, 2015

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ElevationOutdoors.com – Featuring Kode 42 – April 9, 2015

April 9, 2015

Osprey’s Kode 42 is billed as a technical backcountry snow pack with a 42-liter capacity for hut trips or ski patrol missions. With one last hut trip on our calendar for the season, we thought it’d be a great opportunity to check out the packs as they sounded pretty ideal on paper for a few days in the winter woods above Basalt.

Packing up the Kode 42 for a hut trip quickly highlights its size, for better or worse. The 42-liter namesake capacity is specific to the M/L size, as the S/M size actually measures out to be 40-liters – this is something we jokingly, yet somewhat accurately, argued to be a wash, as smaller people needing the smaller pack generally carry smaller jackets, pants, hut slippers and the like, thereby making the 2-liter reduction close to proportional. Then there’s the variation in space a thong takes up compared to a pair of large boxers, but I promised I wouldn’t mention that.

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ElevationOutdoors.com – Featuring Poco Premium – September 17, 2014

September 17, 2014

In a town that is one of the most active in the country, it’s crucial to remember a few things when striving for your post-baby goals: be kind to yourself, ease into it, and be consistent. Those tips along with the following gear will make your transition back to an active lifestyle, easy, fun, and totally doable…

For more adventurous outings, I highly recommend the Osprey Poco Premium Pack. Osprey is known for their suspension technology that allows for maximum weight and maximum comfort and this pack is no exception. This baby carrier is comfortable, flexible, and versatile and will surely meet the many combinations of outdoor needs that come with introducing your babe to the wilderness. One of the challenges in having a little one is how fast they grow (and thus grow out of everything), so finding a piece of gear that can last a few seasons is a huge plus and the Poco Premium is the kind of pack that can grow with your child…

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ElevationOutdoors.com – Featuring Rev 12 – June 1, 2014

June 1, 2014

Welcome to the Summer 2014 Elevation Outdoors Peak Gear Awards.

We introduced this accolade over the winter and it was a hit with readers and gear manufacturers alike. The key here is authenticity. This gear got used. Battered in fact. The philosophy behind how we chose the winners was simple: We asked our top contributors—who, we are proud to admit, spend far more time hiking, backpacking, biking, climbing, paddling, etc. than they do “working”—what was the best gear you used over the past year? What gear can’t you live without? What gear changed your life?..

Osprey’s new Rev series of panel-loading packs was designed with speed in mind. At 12 liters, this version weighs in at 1 pound, 10 oucnes with a reservoir (included). That made it ideal for all our favorite cardio activites, from speed hiking to mountain biking. Why It Won: Effective minimalism: The pack is very simple and noticeably light, but that does not mean it doesn’t have some smart little features that we put to use on the trail as well…

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ElevationOutdoors.com – Featuring Ozone Convertible 28” – March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

No matter if you are headed out for a quick weekend of car camping or jetting across the globe to far-flung wild lands, this gear is the easiest, smartest stuff for travel that will keep you ready for any adventure that falls in your path…

Osprey Ozone Convertible

Tipping the scales at just over 6 pounds, this bag quickly became our favorite travel luggage, thanks in big part to the best removable day pack in a two-in-one roller bag we have ever tested. Inside the main bag, the pockets and zippered pouches made it easy to organize for the road.

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