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Poco Safety Notices – Featuring Manta – December 23, 2014

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December 23, 2014

Old-School Sacks: The Tsataan use oversized burlap bags for transport. They carry everything from household items to freshly killed game. This is a most basic method of carry, but it works.

My Modern Backpack: I brought my Osprey Manta pack to haul my gear around. It conforms to fit my body shape and comes equipped with a rain tarp, helmet tag, tie-down bungee cords and a hydration unit with a magnetic chest capture.

The hydration hose technology is seamlessly incorporated into the bag, while the magnetic capture keeps the hose more accessible with less fuss. It allowed me to drink freely while keeping my hands on the reins of the horse and reindeer.

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Download PDF – Featuring Kyte 46 – December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014

I am an outdoorsy girl, and depending on my mood and the activity at hand often fall into one of these templates: The Glamper (yoga-loving adventure dabbler); Everyday Explorer (heads to the mountains on weekends); Hardcore Adventurer (climbs scary peaks, crushes out 8-hour days on a bike). For all these types I offer here below some gift ideas. These are all tested and approved by me and friends, each one a solid pick for the outdoorsy girl in your life...

1. Kyte Osprey Backpack (photo above),  — An all-around amazing pack, the Kyte is suitable for any type of adventurous woman. It’s built for backpacking, climbing, or skiing. Comes in two sizes: The 46-liter for a multi-day trip, or a 36-liter size for an overnight or ultralight thru hiker. I personally love Osprey packs — they fit nicely and have all the necessary pockets and straps without going overboard. Above all, they fit extra small ladies like me.

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Download PDF – 40 Years of Osprey Backpacks – December 12, 2014

December 12, 2014

With little fanfare, Osprey Packs ticked off more than four decades of continuous operation this year. What started as a small shop selling custom packs designed and sewn by Mike Pfotenhauer  (photo above) grew over the years into the industry-leading manufacturer of performance packs…

Today, Osprey is still independently-owned, and it makes packs and accessories for backpacking, cycling, hydration, snowsports, climbing, travel, and kids.

Headquartered in Cortez, Colorado, Osprey maintains a product development office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, near the factories where it manufactures. We caught up with Pfotenhauer for a look at 40 years of pack design…

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Download PDF – Featuring Pixel Port – December 4, 2014

December 4, 2014

Osprey Pixel Port: The Osprey Pixel Port has a suspended laptop sleeve, multiple compartments, and an integrated organizational pocket. A tablet sleeve with a see-through, touchscreen compatible window works so well that you might not even bother removing it from the Pixel Port.

Leon’s Take: “At first glance, I thought the touchscreen feature might prove gimmicky, but I was sold on my first business trip. It quickly became my everyday pack and it looks like new despite more than a year of daily use and double-duty as my carry-on bag whenever I fly.”

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Download PDF – Featuring Moki – September 25, 2014

September 25, 2014

GearJunkie was on site in Las Vegas this month to kick tires and see the latest in cycling equipment for 2015 at the annual Interbike International Expo. Today, we offer a look at some of the stand-outs from the show floor.

Kid-Size Hydration Pack — Keeping kids hydrated on the trail is a must. But fitting a water bottle on a kid’s bike is nearly impossible. The Moki from Osprey packs a 1.5L bladder into a kid-size pack and has zippered pockets for snacks.

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Download PDF – Featuring Atmos AG and Aura AG – August 8, 2014

August 8, 2014

Osprey ‘Wrap’ Backpack — The Osprey Atmos AG and Aura AG packs have a suspension/harness system unlike anything we’ve seen. Like a hammock on the back, the suspension mesh wraps around the wearer’s hips and into the shoulder straps.

The effect is a pack body that barely contacts the wearer, suspended away from the torso in most points for incredible ventilation and a secure, comfortable hug. We can’t wait to test this one out. It will hit the market in 2015.

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Download PDF – Featuring Atmos AG and Aura AG – August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014

Our twice-annual pilgrimage to the Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City starts tomorrow. Thousands of brands display new wares and gear that won’t be available to public until 2015. This post, part I of our preview series, reveals a smattering of swag that caught our eye. (…)

‘Wearer can move as if there’s no pack’ — That’s the claim. The Atmos AG (Men’s) and Aura AG (women’s) are Osprey’s fourth generation of its ventilated backpacks. New this time around is a load-balancing system that Osprey cites allows a wearer to move as if they don’t have a pack on. That’s quite the claim, and we plan to vet it this week at the show.

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Download PDF – Featuring Rev 24 – March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

For the past couple weeks I have been racing and training in the Osprey Rev 24, a new pack specially made for long distant runners and endurance athletes.

The first time I put it on, I did not take it off for literally 41 hours during a 4-day adventure race in Belize in which I trekked, mountain biked, and canoed for a total of 250 miles.

For more than 10 years I have been testing packs and often have trouble finding one that fits my petite size. This is a unisex model and available in two sizes, but the small fits like a glove, something that is very rare for me. I am 5’1” and 110lbs, and the waistlines of backpacks rarely fit well.

The Rev 24 is one of a line of six “Rev” packs for endurance athletes from Osprey. It has the largest volume in the series, which also includes the Solo, 1.5, 6, 12 and 18.

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Download PDF – Featuring Rev 1.5 – December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013

I’m always hunting for gear that will help me perform better during competition. A critical key to performance is proper hydration and nutrition and for me, that means the right hydration pack.

The Osprey Rev 1.5, which will be released in the spring of 2014, has proven to be that critical gear.

The Rev 1.5 is the smallest in a new line of Rev packs Osprey designed for runners that the company says “are designed to move with the wearer, providing a fit that is more like a shirt than a traditional backpack.”

The Rev 1.5 ($70) comes with a 1.5-liter Hydraulics LT Reservoir with built in baffles to reduce barreling and sloshing. It is also equipped with a quick connect for easy removal from the pack for filling or cleaning. The bladder is so easy to access while in the pack I only use this feature for cleaning the bladder after use.

It weighs in at a scant 10 to 11 ounces empty.

Expandable harness pockets offer easy access to fuel or other gear with additional storage in the body of the pack…

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