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OdrMag.com – Osprey Holds Athlete Summit to Solidify Brand – June 28, 2013

June 28, 2013

Osprey packs held its first-ever Athlete Summit, bringing together Osprey sponsored athletes from a variety of sports to inspire and build the brand. Over two days, the team participated in marketing, product and sales meetings as well as brainstorming sessions to provide input and insight. Based on the success of the inaugural Athlete Summit, Osprey plans on hosting follow up summits in the future to grow athlete relationships and support brand initiatives.

Athletes attending the two-day meeting at Osprey headquarters in Cortez, CO included: climber Beth Rodden, mountain athlete Ben Clark, mountain biker Macky Franklin, skier Alison Gannett, climber Timmy O’Neill, adventure racer Payge McMahon, skier and climber Evan Stevens, climber Majka Burhardt, skier Sven Brunso, climber Jasmin Caton and mountain biking phenoms Jake and Nye Yackle.

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