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OutdoorGearLab.com – Featuring Talon 22 – April 4, 2012

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OutdoorGearLab.com – Featuring Talon 22 – April 4, 2012

April 4, 2012

In our First Look at the Osprey Talon 22, two things stand out: ventilation and extra super bonus features. This pack is for people who want clever features and are willing to pay a little extra and carry a little more weight. If you want the ultimate in lightness, check out the REI Flash 18 ($35), which is only 11 ounces. Or if you a looking for a balance of daypack that is lightweight but still relatively comfortable, check out the Deuter Speed Lite 20 ($89), which is about the half the weight of the Talon but also has fewer features and is much less comfortable for carrying heavier loads. For even more features and a truly innovative back design, see the review of the Osprey Stratos 24.


Every place that the pack touches you (back, hips, shoulders) has ventilated foam covered with mesh. Air can pass through the pack pretty much everywhere except the main compartments. This makes it ideal for warmer weather hiking.

The features list is impressive:

* Helmet clip tab

* Adjustable harness

* Hip belt pocket

* Blinker light attachment

Of those features, I may be among the few who use the tow loop. But I use it all the time when towing my mountainboard behind me.

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OutdoorGearLab.com – Featuring Aether 60 – February 2012

February 28, 2012

The Osprey Aether 60 is our Best Buy winner in the backpack category. It is one of the highest rated packs, one of the lightest, and also one of the least expensive. Only the Gregory Baltoro 65 and Arcteryx Altra 65 scored higher. The Altra is a better pack for heavier loads but it is also $145 more expensive. The Baltoro 65 is also more comfortable with bigger loads but heavier. For lighter loads of 35 pounds or less it is hard to tell much difference in comfort between the Altra, Baltoro and Aether. So if you like to go fast and light like we do, then the Aether is certainly the best value in backpacks.

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OutdoorGearLab.com – Featuring Aether 85 – February 16, 2012

February 16, 2012

The Osprey Aether 85 is the largest of the Aether packs and is the big brother to Aether 60 (that we did a full hands on review of). The Aether 60 won our Best Buy award in the backpack category.

How is the Aether 85 different than the other Aether packs?

The Aether 85 is:

  • 2 oz Heavier than the Aether 60L, and 1 oz Heavier than the 70L
  • $70 more than the 60L, and $40 more than the 70L
  • 25 Liters larger than the 60L, and 15 Liters larger than the 70L

To get a better sense of how the Aether 85 stacks up against the competition, we urge you to look at our hands-on review of it’s sibling pack the Osprey Aether 60 as well as our Backpacking Backpack Review.

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