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Poco Safety Notices – Featuring Aura AG 65 – June 25, 2015

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June 25, 2015

What you’ve been hearing is true. Osprey’s new Anti-Gravity suspension system on the Women’s Aura AG and the Men’s Atmos AG is changing the game. Haul big-loads all day, over big-miles with no pressure points, insane load stability and revolutionary ventilation: that’s what the Anti-Gravity system is all about. You won’t see a suspension system like this on any other pack in the market, and the benefits on the trail make this pack absolutely worth checking out.

The Anti-Gravity suspension works through a fully integrated non-stretch mesh harness that connects the back and lumbar support, shoulder straps and hip belt in one system. What that means is that the load from the pack weight transfers uniformly without creating pressure points or an unstable load distribution. The pack moves with you: it can’t not, because it’s connected to your shoulders, back and hips seamlessly.

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Download PDF – Featuring Tempest 30 – Editors’ Choice Award Winner – February 13, 2015

February 13, 2015

This year, we sent one of our gear testers on a quest to find and test the best daypacks around. From the top of Mailbox Peak to the streets of Seattle, these packs have been loaded, hauled, and beaten up, all in the service of finding out what they’re really made of. In the 2015 daypack comparison review, you’ll get all of the beta on the Osprey Tempest 30, the Cotopaxi Inca 26L and the Kelty Redtail 22 – and you’ll see the first ever Seattle Backpackers Magazine Editors’ Choice Award given out. Here you have it…

Osprey consistently makes some of the very best packs on the market, and this year is no exception. The Tempest 30 is a women’s specific pack that uses BioStretch technology to create an individualized fit for every user. The pack’s dynamic adjustment system along with its technical features and comfortable fit make this daypack our Editors’ Choice Award Winner.

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Download PDF – Featuring 40th Anniversary Party and Aura 65 – August 6, 2014

August 6, 2014

Twice a year, every year, Outdoor Retailer hits Salt Lake City to showcase what’s new in the outdoor industry. Hundreds of retailers attend from across the country, and the outdoor market, to show off what they’ve cooked up for the upcoming year. Seattle Backpackers Magazine is here for the Summer Market to update you on all of the new products, events and trends you need to see. (…)

We finished up the night at The State Room in Salt Lake City where Osprey hosted its 40th anniversary party. The March Fourth Marching Band rocked the house and sent the industry home worn out and excited for the next day at Outdoor Retailer.

Some first looks from the first day of Outdoor Retailer: Osprey’s updated Aura 65 features a fully integrated back-panel that moves with your body better than ever before. One designer claimed that he had “forgotten he was wearing a pack” with it on, and I can attest to the comfort of the back-panel system having tried the Aura out at the Osprey booth.

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Download PDF – Featuring Exos 48 – July 15, 2014

July 15, 2014

With the new rendition of the Osprey Exos 48, Osprey must have been putting some serious investment into their Research and Development.  Out of the box, there is a combined “Wow!  That looks amazing” which goes hand-in-hand with “Good Grief! What is that and what have they done?”  The colors and graphic lines are slick, but we all know that after a few good weeks on our shoulders and hips, the colors fade, the dust gathers and all we want to know is how it rides.

This iteration of Exos is sporting Osprey’s new ExoForm™ padding on the shoulder straps and the hip belt as well.  It looks like a light, swiss-cheese version of closed-cell foam padding, but in reality it is much more breathable. It actually seems like it is dense, woven mesh because it has more flexibility to it…

The weight of the Osprey Exos 48 clocked in right where Osprey indicates, between 2 pounds, 5 ounces and 2 pounds, 6 ounces. It certainly doesn’t feel bulky when empty.  On top of that, you can actually REDUCE your weight by eliminating the top cap (which has both interior and exterior storage).  And if you are worried about your rain exposure by removing the cap, Osprey has an integrated FlapJacket™ that will help provide that extra barrier…

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Download PDF – Featuring PixelPort – January 9, 2014

January 9, 2014

Osprey Packs has a whole line of active everyday tech friendly packs for backpack lovers. I tested the Osprey Pixel Port pack and find that it is my top pick as a daily go-bag with my active essentials that take me from work to errands to trail without a hassle. Here’s where it worked for me.


  • Great size for my tech needs – holds my big bumbling laptop and a tablet and my iPhone all at once. It also has space for a jacket, slim water bottle and other small accessories you can’t live without.
  • Tablet access in the rain! With our wet Seattle weather this is a great feature for outdoor-loving Seattleite who needs quick access to a tablet. Get to your maps without anything getting wet!…

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    Download PDF – Featuring Ozone Convertible 22” – August 30, 2013

    August 30, 2013

    Every once in a great while you find a piece of gear that you love from the moment you see it. I see a lot of gear. But the Osprey Ozone 22″ Convertible Pack is my new best friend. Last spring I tried the smaller, unimproved version of the Osprey Ozone and was not entirely sold on the line of ultralight luggage. I asked if there would be one more appropriate for traveling backpackers. I waited, and now I am so glad I did.

    The Osprey Ozone convertible pack is a carry-on bag that truly doubles as a backpack. Hidden and detachable shoulder straps and waist harness are cleverly designed. They zip out from behind the extendable pull handle and tuck away when not needed. Wheels allow you to speed through busy terminals, or pop it up on your back for a hands-free option. I am thrilled to find that it actually functions comfortably as a backpack for an outing. From there features abound, most notably, the piggyback day pack. This is an update for the Fall 2013 season! A full wrap-around zipper and hidden eye and hooks seamlessly add a new dimension to your travel gear. It’s really two bags in one. Cushioned laptop or tablet pocket in the detachable day pack works whether the day pack is mounted on the larger bag, or used solo. This gives travelers multiple combinations of gear packing ability. Pack each piece for the plane, then use just the day pack for city outings. Zip them together and go backpacking across the countryside.

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    Download PDF – Featuring Volt 60 – July 19, 2013

    July 19, 2013

    Out of all of the packs that I have owned, the Osprey Volt 60 is my personal favorite hands down. With its durable construction, good looks, and well-planned features, I might never need another pack again.

    The Volt 60 also offers an adjustable torso for those that need to adjust the fit and makes it a great pack for a young backpacker, as it will be able to grow with them. Osprey also makes a woman’s version of the Volt called the Viva!


    • The external hydration bladder pocket is easy to access. I had no problems placing a 3.0L water bladder into the pack, even when the pack was already stuffed to the gills with gear.
    • Very comfortable and it is highly adjustable. As my load shifted on the trail, I could easily reach all of the straps and loosen or tighten them as needed to fine-tune the fit.
    • The pack seemed to never run out of room. I could fit enough gear for a multi-night backpacking adventure or even an overnight ski mountaineering trip. The side compression straps were sturdy enough to secure my AT skis, which weigh 9lbs 10oz (including boots), on each side. I could also fit my snow shovel and ski helmet along with all of my usual overnight backpacking gear inside the pack.
    • The top pocket is gargantuan! I loved being able to fit all sorts of miscellaneous items into the top pocket for easy access. I kept my lucky sun hat, my favorite beanie, gloves, sunscreen, headlamp, flask, knife, and energy bars in the top pocket and it was barely half-full. Having the zipper against the back of my head also made accessing the contents very easy, even with the pack on my back.
    • The sleeping pad straps are thoughtfully placed on the pack. With a pad attached, the pack will stand on its own when set on the ground.

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    Download PDF – Featuring Kode 38 – March 26, 2013

    April 17, 2013

    The Osprey Kode 38 is the largest pack in the Kode series and in their ski mountaineering category as well. What’s nice about the Osprey Kode 38 backpack is it features an avalanche gear compartment that is top loading with several pockets to organize your probe, shovel handle, and other miscellaneous gear that you do not mind getting wet.

    Overall, this pack is very comfortable to carry when fully loaded. The Kode has seven pockets total and is built with very heavy-duty yet lightweight material. The main compartments are quite big; I could easily fit a day’s worth of ski touring gear such as an inflatable 3/4 length Thermarest, stove, fuel, and 1L Olicamp pot, an emergency shelter, crampons, food, ultralight down jacket, gloves, a small first aid kit, shovel, probe, helmet, goggles, and 70oz of water in my pack for all day tours.

    With a compact sleeping bag and a floor-less shelter, this pack could double as an overnight pack as well but you would be traveling very light.

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