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Poco Safety Notices – Featuring Verve/Viper Series and Raptor/Raven Series – September 26, 2015

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September 26, 2015

For 2016, Colorado packmeisters Osprey continue to evolve their well-regarded line of hydration packs with redesigns of the Raptor/Raven and Viper/Verve series.

Going even faster and lighter than their predecessors, the women’s Verve and men’s Viper series add 3L pack options while the ladies’ Verve 13 is trimmed from the line.  Given their short ride remit, the packs get a smaller 2.5L reservoir, which has the added benefit of reducing the bags’ footprint.  Osprey’s tidy full-zip In-strap cable routing has also been added- but it’s right-only, so left-hosers will want to grab a ’15 before they’re gone.

More in the ‘ready for anything’ vein, the updated Raptor and Raven models should be an organisers’ delight, coming as they do with dedicated tool rolls and extensive internal pocketry.  Osprey’s Lid Lock helmet holder has been updated for the first time, with a revised shape and dual-compound construction that will make for more secure portage.

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Download PDF – Featuring SS15 Zealot, Syncro, Escapist and Moki – September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014

For 2015, Osprey has made a number of changes to several of their well-regarded (and often Singletrack Recommended) hydration packs…

Their first rad-specific pack, the Zealot is updated for 2015 with toned-down graphics (no more exploded frame drawing), a tidied exterior, and improved tool roll…

A revised Syncro range will make the short ride crowd happy, shedding roughly 1/3 of previous models’ weight.  Now-ambidextrous hosing could help to bring the 27% of Singletrackworld readers who prefer left-shoulder drinking into the fold…

Popular both for hut-to-hut trips and for commuting, Osprey’s Escapist has also been updated.  Again sleeker than its predecessors, the 18L, 25L, and massive 32L packs had us plotting our next adventure right there on the show floor…

And finally, one for the young-uns.  The new Osprey Moki is a full-featured pack built especially for kids.  Allowing the offspring to carry their own food, drink, and accessories is never a bad idea…

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Download PDF – Featuring Rev 6 – February 18, 2014

February 18, 2014

While relatively new to the cycling scene, Osprey’s hydration packs have quickly built a  following for their well-considered designs and robust construction.  Perhaps because of the company’s focus on solid construction (as backed by the packs’ lifetime guarantee), the company has until now had little to offer the fast and light crowd.

Introduced at Interbike last fall, the Rev series is aimed at trail runners and endurance athletes looking for a stable, streamlined pack.  In keeping with competition’s no stopping ethos, the Rev series is loaded with pockets that are accessible without removing the pack: our 6L example had six separate strap and wing pockets that a moderately flexible cyclist can reach while riding.  Add a generous central compartment, a soft electronics pouch, a dedicated bladder space, and a bungee for the odd loose end and the Rev has plenty of storage to keep necessities close at hand and compulsive organisers happy.

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Download PDF – Featuring Raptor 6 – October 2013

October 1, 2013

Though it may be the smallest of Osprey’s Raptor series of mountain bike packs, the Colorado brand’s 6L offering is no under-built race day pack.

Designed with half- to two-hour rides in mind, the recently-updated Raptor is easily one of the most solidly made packs in its size range. Unusual for its capacity, the Raptor 6 is built around a large 3L Hydraulics reservoir. With a built-in panel on the back and full-length handle on the front, the polyethylene bladder has enough structure to maintain its wide, flat shape regardless of fill- keeping sloshing to a minimum, reducing ‘sausaging,’ and making shoving the bladder into an already full bag pleasantly easy. Though no bite valve is completely immune to drips, Osprey’s swiveling tip is among the best longevity-wise. A magnet embedded in the bite valve mates to another in the sternum strap, allowing the rider to tuck it out of the way when unneeded.

Working outward, the Raptor 6′s large main compartment has organizing pockets for two pumpshaped items and a third for tools, tubes, and the like. Along with a couple of pumps (or a pump and hand saw), there is plenty of room for a well-equipped tool kit, a tube, a mini sealant bottle, a lightweight jacket, and some snacks- all without straining the zipper. A removable tool organizer is even included to organize mini tools and spares. A soft ‘phone and wallet’ pocket at the top of the bag as is Osprey’s clever elasticated helmet holder. The solidly-built grab/hang loop telegraphs Osprey’s built to last approach.

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Download PDF – Featuring Rev Series and Radial Series – September 27, 2013

September 27, 2013

Given their reputation for quality and accompanying lifetime guarantee, it’s no surprise that Osprey’s hydration packs have traditionally run to the ‘substantial’ end of things. Function and durability have long been good and the packs have held up very well, but the Colorado company hasn’t always had much to offer the fast and light crowd.

For 2014, this changes with the introduction of the Rev series. Coming in 1.5L, 6L, 12L, and 24L capacities, the Rev packs make use of what Osprey are calling the “Biostretch” harness and body (as opposed to waist) belt. The design is intended to hold the packs’ content against the rider’s back while allowing the pack to move with the rider. A pared-back and baffled Hydraulics LT reservoir does away with much of the Hydraulics model’s structure, contributing to significant weight savings. As an added bonus, the reservoir’s disconnect has been moved to the top of the bag, reducing the likelihood of spillage when removing the hose.

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