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May 24, 2014

As our regular readers know, when Spot Cool Stuff travels we’re fanatical about using lightweight luggage. Because why lug around a heavy bag when you can choose an equally good light one?

Several luggage companies offer one or two lightweight models. But no one offers more high quality yet lightweight bags and backpacks than Osprey.

Previously, we reviewed the Osprey Ozone, the lightest full-size wheeled carry-on bag on the market today. Though, in addition to being made of lightweight materials and being cleverly designed, the Ozone cuts down on the pounds by cutting down on the features.

So, when we received our review unit of Osprey’s Exos backpack we expected that it too would be both lightweight and largely devoid of features. We were wrong…

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January 1, 2013

The Best Wheeled Carry-On Bags

Spot Cool Stuff never checks our luggage if we can avoid doing so. Like most frequent fliers, we travel with a wheeled bag that will fit through the airport security x-ray and into an airplane’s overhead compartment. Unlike most frequent fliers, we also run a travel review blog and are fanatical about travel gear. So we’ve spent a lot of time researching the best wheeled carry-on bags. A lot of time. From conception, through research and writing, this post has been 11 months in the making.

Why so long? Partly because the market is flooded with rollaboard luggage options. But mostly because no single wheeled carry-on stood out to us as better than all the others — as with so many products, the “best” option depends on what an individual consumer is looking for.

Given that, we focused on the best wheeled carry-on bag in five different categories. Factors we considered in making our selection included build quality, value for the price, looks, weight, cargo capacity (while staying under the 22-inch maximum height requirements that many airlines set for carry-on luggage) and bag features. (…)

Best Lightweight Wheeled Carry-On

Osprey Ozone

The Osprey Ozone is lightweight. Really lightweight. So lightweight that you’ll go WOW when you first lift it.

How lightweight? The Ozone weighs in at about 4 pounds (1.8kg). That makes the Ozone the lightest weight wheeled 22-inch bags on the market today.

For comparison, the average wheeled 22-inch rollaboard weighs about 9 pounds. That’s about the same as the Ozone weighs after you’ve packed it with a camera, footwear, two changes of clothes and a few accessories! See our full review of the Osprey Ozone for more.

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