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TalesofaMountainMama.com – Featuring HydraJet 15 and Moki – August 3, 2015

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TalesofaMountainMama.com – Featuring HydraJet 15 and Moki – August 3, 2015

August 3, 2015

This summer the boys were both able to test out one of Osprey’s kids’ hydrations packs, new for Spring 2015. While both packs work for anything you want them to, the biking ones tend to be a little smaller, and perfect for the smaller brother. P is wearing the MOKI (green) and J has on the HydraJet 15 (red)…

What we love about the Osprey Packs for Kids:
  • They’re truly built for kids. P has his cinched down as small as it goes, but we just tuck in the straps and he’s good to go. The more streamlined model makes it not quite so overwhelming on a smaller back.
  • The magnet keeps the hydration hoses accessible for quick drinks
  • They both have enough pockets for storing a few essentials. The MOKI is mostly very streamlined, but the HydraJet has plenty of room for snacks and a jacket.
  • They feel really good to THEM. Like all Osprey packs, they are built for good ventilation and flow and made to be comfortable.

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TalesOfAMountainMama.com – Featuring Syncro 15 – May 10, 2012

May 10, 2012

I am pretty excited about this new pack from Osprey (the Syncro 15). In fact, that is an understatement (which Mtn Papa could verify because he has to listen to me rave about it every time we go biking….daily…)

The Osprey Syncro 15 is capable of holding 100 fluid ounces, which is plenty to supply myself (and my kids) throughout our days running around town. The pack is built with mountain bikers (and hikers) in mind and has some added features catered especially to that crowd. However, as a biking (and hiking) mom, I love the features for what I do too. Water is readily available, I am able to keep my important personal items (phone, wallet, keys, etc.) on my person, and I hardly notice it is there.

The Osprey Syncro 15 is available at REI for $109 (though it certainly is also sold other places – Amazon.com, Moosejaw, etc.) Additionally, the “15” (meaning 15 liters) is the middle size. The Syncro 20 and Syncro 10 are also available (again, the numbers relate to the capacity in Liters.)

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