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December 16, 2012

Okay, let’s cut to the chase here- I really was a big fan of the older Raptor 10 that I had been using for several years. I had no interest in checking out other packs for quite a while there, but after using this new version of the Raptor 10, I can not see myself ever using the old one again!

The new version’s details, which I covered in the previous posts, takes this model and raises it to the next level. The useable hip pockets, the Tool Roll, and the way I can lay the main compartment open are all big reasons why I like this pack. I find things in a much faster, less fiddly manner and the pack does a great job of holding everything I need for day rides. I really like the white inner color of the main compartment, since things I am looking for are easier for me to see against that backdrop.

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Download PDF – Featuring Raptor 10 – November 5, 2012

November 5, 2012

With several hydration pack choices out on the market, it gets kind of bewildering to figure out just which one will work for you. To that end, Twenty Nine Inches is looking at three new hydration packs that we feel fall into that “sweet spot” of 10 liters or so in capacity. Grannygear is looking at the Camelbak M.U.L.E, NV and the Dueter Compact Air EXP 10, which you can see the intro on here, and also I have the Osprey Raptor 10, which I introduced here. Now with several hours of riding with the new and improved Raptor 10 under my wheels, how has this pack been performing? Here are my thoughts so far….

Packing Up: The new version of the Raptor 10 packed up with my gear easily. I did really like the Tool Roll idea going in, and in practice it looks to be a winner of an idea. I was able to organize my stuff in there well, and I even put in a few emergency items like zip ties and some tape, along with my needle nose Vice Grip pliers. Up on top, the lined eyewear pouch is great for a set of shades with different lenses ready to go, and in the inner pocket up there I placed my compass. (You know- those things folks used before GPS? 🙂 )

The main compartment is easier to load, since it flops open widely allowing you easier access. I got my two pumps- a shock pump and a mini-pump- in there, along with a spare tube, rag, some tire levers, and some lube. I also stuffed a wind breaker in there with room to spare. The bladder sleeve now opens much easier, and allows the bladder to come out much easier. I was able to stuff the full compliment of 3 liters of water into the bladder without any trouble.

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Download PDF – Featuring Raptor 10 – October 18, 2012

October 18, 2012

Recently we spent some time at Interbike looking at various new hydration packs and the Raptor 10 from Osprey was one of those that caught our eye. (You can see that post here.) Now we have a pre-production Osprey Raptor 10 to tell you about. While some minor things may change from this to final production, we feel confident the main features will be representative of what you’ll find when these hit the shelves of your local bike shops early next year.

Osprey makes three models in the Raptor line up now including the smaller, less featured Raptor 6, the 10, as seen here, and the larger Raptor 14. MSRP on these is as follows- Raptor 6 – $109, Raptor 10 – $119,and the Raptor 14 – $129. There will be a few color choices, but we received the red one to review. The Raptor 10 is a 610 Cubic Inch/10 liter pack that weighs 1lb 6oz without the reservoir.

Background: As stated in the Interbike post, I have an earlier version of the Raptor 10 that I have been flogging for a few years. It is my “go-to” pack when I ride, because it is the right size, has good accessibility for tools, gear, and my camera, and holds plenty of fluids. There were some things I perceived as flaws in the earlier Raptor design, so I was keen on seeing the new Raptor 10 to find out how these things may have been addressed. Also, I wondered if the things I loved about my Raptor 10 were either improved upon, or still there with the newer version. So, let’s dig into this bright red pack and see what makes it tick….

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Download PDF – Featuring SS13 Raptor and Raven – September 28, 2012

September 28, 2012

Osprey has taken a look at the successful Raptor series of MTB hydration packs, refined, and expanded the features. Larger, zipped (yay!) hip belt pouches, a removable tool roll (excellent idea!), and a revised reservoir. Guitar Ted has thrashed his older version of the Raptor 10 and it has held up but could use a good washing. Hint, hint. 🙂 They also increased the flexibility in the pack so it can conform better to the riders back curve.

We look forward to getting him on a new version as soon as they come rolling into Osprey HQ. The Raptor 10 is a 610 Cu Inch/10 liter pack that weighs 1lb 6oz without the reservoir and is also available in the smaller Raptor 6 and larger Raptor 14. Gone is the Raptor 18 but there is now a Raven version of these packs designed for the lady riders. Different ergonomics and colors help them fit better and stand out from the crowd of men’s packs. Expect the same high quality that all Osprey packs exhibit. This is good stuff from a company that knows how to do it well.

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