– Featuring Variant 37 – July 2012 – Osprey Packs Press
Poco Safety Notices – Featuring Variant 37 – July 2012

Today’s sponsor spotlight is on our dear friends at Osprey Packs, who are year-round loyal supporters of our Chicks Rock! and Chicks with Picks climbing programs. They not only provide us with the financial support to keep our programs running, but they ship packs to nearly half a dozen locations for our Chicks to demo at every single climbing clinic, and donate packs to our annual slide show and auction fundraiser events for the Ouray Ice Park and local women’s shelter! It’s so generous of Osprey to ship packs because it’s really helpful to try out a pack before committing to a purchase so that you can test out the capacity and sizing before making the financial commitment. And Osprey wants you to do just that at our Chicks clinics!

As an individual, I can honestly say that I’ve been a fan of Osprey packs since long before I became involved with the Chicks organization. For several years I had an older version of the Variant 37, which is the focus of this blog post today (the new one that is, not the old one!). My recent upgrade to the Variant 37 was made after one of those fat, greedy squirrels in Yosemite ate a hole through the lid of the pack (which had NO FOOD in it, by the way!). Other than that (which I’m pretty sure I could get fixed if I took some initiative; I just couldn’t deal with not having a lid!) I loved the older version of the Variant *almost* as much as the new one. Let me tell you why.

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