ElevationOutdoors.com – Featuring Kode 42 – April 9, 2015 – Osprey Packs Press
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ElevationOutdoors.com – Featuring Kode 42 – April 9, 2015


Osprey’s Kode 42 is billed as a technical backcountry snow pack with a 42-liter capacity for hut trips or ski patrol missions. With one last hut trip on our calendar for the season, we thought it’d be a great opportunity to check out the packs as they sounded pretty ideal on paper for a few days in the winter woods above Basalt.

Packing up the Kode 42 for a hut trip quickly highlights its size, for better or worse. The 42-liter namesake capacity is specific to the M/L size, as the S/M size actually measures out to be 40-liters – this is something we jokingly, yet somewhat accurately, argued to be a wash, as smaller people needing the smaller pack generally carry smaller jackets, pants, hut slippers and the like, thereby making the 2-liter reduction close to proportional. Then there’s the variation in space a thong takes up compared to a pair of large boxers, but I promised I wouldn’t mention that.

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