ElevationOutdoors.com – Featuring Poco Premium – September 17, 2014 – Osprey Packs Press
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ElevationOutdoors.com – Featuring Poco Premium – September 17, 2014

In a town that is one of the most active in the country, it’s crucial to remember a few things when striving for your post-baby goals: be kind to yourself, ease into it, and be consistent. Those tips along with the following gear will make your transition back to an active lifestyle, easy, fun, and totally doable…

For more adventurous outings, I highly recommend the Osprey Poco Premium Pack. Osprey is known for their suspension technology that allows for maximum weight and maximum comfort and this pack is no exception. This baby carrier is comfortable, flexible, and versatile and will surely meet the many combinations of outdoor needs that come with introducing your babe to the wilderness. One of the challenges in having a little one is how fast they grow (and thus grow out of everything), so finding a piece of gear that can last a few seasons is a huge plus and the Poco Premium is the kind of pack that can grow with your child…

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