EpicMoms.com – Featuring Poco Premium – May 26, 2012 – Osprey Packs Press
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EpicMoms.com – Featuring Poco Premium – May 26, 2012

Summer vacation is easy to pack for, right? It’s flip-flops, sundresses, and…oh wait. When you’re going to the mountains, the weather can swing from blazing hot to frosty cold. Plus, unlike the beach, there are tons more activities—which means needing tons more gear.

Here’s how to pack wisely so you and your kids enjoy your high altitude getaway.


You won’t want to head home when you’re hiking with your toddler in the new Osprey Poco Premium ($299). This high-end kid carrier can carry up to 48 pounds and brings the storied pack company’s lightweight frame system to the kid carrier category. Until now, Deuter dominated the market with its Kid Comfort series, and those are great. But I love the integrated shade in the Poco and the kids’ harness, which is less like that of a carseat harness and more like a backpack. Plus the zip off backpack and the ample storage are supremely useful.

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