FeedtheHabit.com – Featuring Viper 5 – February 18, 2014 – Osprey Packs Press
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FeedtheHabit.com – Featuring Viper 5 – February 18, 2014

Few products are as ubiquitous nowadays as the hydration pack.  There are as many pack styles as there are preferences, so it’s definitely a crowded place for a company to compete.  Naturally, Osprey is one of the big players in the market and their Viper 5 fits the fast-and-light niche that I’m so fond of…

The Viper 5 is the most compact backpack in Osprey’s entire line-up so it’s also their very lightest offering.  The humble hydration pack is elevated to new levels of functionality by Osprey’s unique take on design and construction – throughout the tiny pack there are a host of clever features and thoughtful design touches that provide for a great user experience…

The basic layout of the pack is pretty simple – there’s the main hydration compartment, a small protective pocket for glasses and devices, an open shove-it pocket and a storage compartment with several pockets and keepers.  The hydration pocket is special in that the zipper travels all the way down the right strap, thereby keeping the hose in-place and removing the hassle of having to thread it through a small opening (so nice)..

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