– Featuring Manta 20 and Hydraulics Reservoir – February 22, 2013 – Osprey Packs Press
Poco Safety Notices – Featuring Manta 20 and Hydraulics Reservoir – February 22, 2013

Extreme Travel Gear For Serious Adventure

This month in Forbes Life magazine, I write about my recent expedition to the “vanishing” tribes of Ethiopia’s remote Omo Valley. To be honest, it was not a story I pitched. My editor emailed me one Friday morning asking if I’d be up for the adventure of a lifetime. Hmm. I’ve never really camped before, I don’t like bugs, I’ve never been to Africa. My normal beat is celebrities and luxury. “Can I let you know on Monday?” I replied. “No, we need to know today.” I took a deep breath and said yes. After that, I eased my mounting anxiety (or at least I tried to) by focusing on the gear. Over the next three weeks, I researched the best mosquito-proof shirts and zip-off pants; the hats with the most sun protection, the bags rugged enough for any condition, and so on. Who cares that I’d never spent a night alone in a tent? At least I would be dressed in safari style and have the right trekking shoes to make a run for it if the time came.

Check out the slideshow for the equipment that saved me on the Omo River. (…)

The Manta 20 Tahoe Blue was my lifeline. It contained my water, my meds, my hand cleaner, my camera and notebooks. All with the rugged support, handy compartments and zippered security that kept me from worrying about anything but the adventure at hand.

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